America’s Economy is Irresponsibly, Unfairly and Detrimentally Controlled and Managed by the WTO


When absolute power over all trade is given to a body of people that have their own political agendas, that power inevitably corrupts and leads to the detriment of all. We must become an independent fair trader with the world, trading without the WTO or any other “free trade” agreements. Doing so would take us a large step toward the restoration of our country’s economic viability, and the assurance that foreign interests no longer control America’s fate.

The World Trade Organization represents a bureaucratic nightmare whose only achievement has been the politicization of trade and the creation of international conflict and an almost worldwide recession. What the WTO enforces and the United States takes part in is certainly not fair and definitely not “free.”

Economic globalization and political globalization may seem like two entirely different concepts, but currently the U.S. is being defeated economically. We have lost the economic war, and it is clear the WTO has no interest in our well being.

The anti-fair trade policies of the WTO and our “free trade” agreements have led to a trade deficit in America of over $8 trillion in the past 12 years. This represents the largest unilateral transfer of wealth in the history of humanity.

Our current trade policies will not be able to sustain our country. We must remove incentives for American companies to move offshore. We need to negotiate trade with countries on our own, free of lobbyist influence and with zero international control from organizations like the WTO.

Our current method of creating trade agreements which forcibly grant other countries a competitive advantage, as well as favor selective domestic and international industries, must end. We must remove ourselves from the WTO as it enforces trade laws and rulings that counter our own, and counter the interests of America and our industries.

Fair trade cannot exist if “free trade” does. Introducing international power into our trade policy decisions forces a bias that we are powerless to overcome. Our industries are at the whim of the powerful lobbyists who fight only for certain sectors of our economy, and the WTO, run by internationalists with their own agenda.

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