Senator Sherrod Brown Challenges President Obama’s Request For Greater Trade Authority


President Obama has recently declared a desire for greater trade authority – something that would lead to even more harmful “free trade” agreements and even more damage to the U.S. economy. It is comforting to know that there are senators like Brown who are willing to take up the fight against “free trade,” considering that it has led to the largest transfer of wealth in the entire world, resulting in the loss of trillions of U.S. dollars due to the removal of tariffs and has left us with crippling trade deficits.

Luckily, Senator Brown has a thing or two to say about the president’s request.

Directly contradicting himself on previous comments about supporting greater trade authority for President Obama, it seems that Senator Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) is back on the side of challenging and speaking out against “free trade” agreements.

Recently Mr. Brown was reported saying that he will oppose greater trade authority, including the use of the fast track authority, for the president until the White House agrees to compromise on becoming more transparent with the American public. Sen. Brown is concerned that too many trade agreements as of late are being negotiated in secret, out of the public eye and believes that granting President Obama greater trade authority would allow him the unchallenged ability to:

  • write legislation
  • avoid transparency rule
  • bypass committee reviews
  • guarantee privileged floor votes without amendments

According to Senator Brown, this type of governing and abuse of trade powers was not how our founding father’s intended our presidents to act.

Sen. Brown’s comments are in response to the Obama administration as it prepares to engage in talks and trade negotiations with a number of countries, including the European Union (EU). In these negotiations, President Obama wants to be able to utilize the fast track authority to ram his trade agenda through without any interruptions that Congress or public opinion might give him.

Bluntly put, the President of the United States doesn’t care how much the people of the U.S. disagree with his damaging “free trade” agreements. We can protest and complain about toxic imports, soaring unemployment and decimated manufacturing industry caused by NAFTA, KORUS, and the TPP as much as we want to, but that’s not going to stop President Obama from seeking avenues to assure his trade agenda gets passed.

The United States cannot afford any more damaging “free trade” agreements, which means that allowing President Obama greater trade authority should be out of the question. Contact your congressional representative and urge them not to authorize the fast track authority to the president. Tell them to stand with Sen. Sherrod Brown against “free trade!” Send this to ten of your friends and have them do the same!

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