SOPA and PIPA Are Coming back Unless We Stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership

don't mess with the internet.

The Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect Intellectual Property Act were attempts by the 1% to extract even more wealth from the 99%, no matter the injustices it would cause. Public uproar, stoked by concerned citizens groups and even by Google, led to its overwhelming defeat. This demonstrated that We the People are still in charge when we want to be. This is a good thing, because We the People need to assert our authority again, and soon.

SOPA and PIPA did not die; they merely went away for a time. They are about to come back in the “free trade” deal called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The TPP is intended to be a conglomeration of Pacific-bordering nations engaging in the perverse idea of “free trade” as practiced by the United States at the behest of the affluent classes. Unfortunately, apart from the bad idea of “free trade,” it is full of regulations and rules having nothing to do with trade.

One of these non-trade areas is intellectual property. The idea put forth by the lobbyists is that our freedoms, especially on the Internet, must be clamped down on so that mega corporations, like Disney, can make more profit. We the People have spoken our minds on the subject, but our rulers apparently did not get a clue.

No legislator wants to lose an election. When faced with the public outcry, they retreated from their plutocratic plans and rejected SOPA and PIPA. That does not mean, however, that they were truly opposed to it. Because of pressure from their corporate sponsors, they will be only too keen to bring back this appalling legislation if they can do it without anyone noticing.

This highlights the importance of citizen action and getting the message out. Beating SOPA and PIPA once does not mean the war is over, just the initial skirmish. We must stand up once again and fight the good fight. Call your Congressional representatives and tell them that the TPP must not be allowed to pass (which means defeating Fast Track Trade Authority as a first step, because the president will use it to strong-arm the TPP through Congress). Send this article to five of your friends, and tell them to get involved today!

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