Spurring America’s Economic Renaissance

The underlying problem with the stimulus plan is that it acts only as a temporary clog, one that is rapidly dissolving and fails to address the real problems our economy faces.

For decades our country has relied on policies and business strategies whose sole goal was to increase profits. Taught in every business school and utilized by every economist, politician and company, this fundamental philosophy has led American companies to focus not on real growth and competitiveness, but on their bottom line.

We have become a nation of speculators, hoodwinked again and again in a confidence game run by our government subsidized financial sector.

When Americans lost their savings and jobs in the Tech Bubble, all the banks had to do was change venues. Americans borrowed trillions of dollars from these banks to play in the biggest real estate bubble of our nation’s history. We risked our financial solvency on the bet that housing prices would never fall. From Hollywood icons to presidents, everyone was pushing real estate.

Of course, this was an impossible bet. America has been duped by an economic shell game. The profiteering of the operator and not the profits of the speculator drive shell games, and ours was no different. America, we have been swindled. We never had a chance of winning in a rigged game.

The government and the financial sector convinced our citizens to keep placing impossible “bets.” Our production and manufacturing sector that was once the envy of the world, which propelled America into the beacon of light she once was, has been dismantled. Our nation’s resources were siphoned off and directed to the huge government run or government running (sometimes it’s hard to tell) financial sector. America has lost its competitiveness and all but those on the top have suffered. Instead of growing our economy with savings, investment and productivity, we relied on perpetrated boom and bust cycles.

The past two bubbles have taken our savings and shifted America’s ownership into the hands of foreign interests. We are playing the game with borrowed money. We must end this game now if we ever wish to become competitive. We should have ended it decades ago.

Under the Reagan Administration a classified project was developed whose purpose was to identify the true cause of America’s reduced competitiveness. Once identified, the project’s goal was then to derive a plan that would restore America’s competitiveness with the rest of the world. Dubbed the Socrates Project, it sought to change the way Americans think and how our companies do business. By extensively researching global competitiveness on a scale never before possible through the utilization of national intelligence resources, the team sought to derive a holistic view and understanding of competition worldwide.

“This bird’s eye view of competition went far beyond, in terms of scope and completeness, the extremely narrow slices of data that were available to the professors, professional economists, and consultants that addressed the issue of competitiveness,” writes Mike Sekora, the head of the former Socrates Project. “The conclusions that the Socrates team derived about competitiveness in general and about the U.S. in particular were in almost all cases in direct opposition to what the professors, economists and consultants had been saying for years, and to what had been accepted as irrefutable underlying truths by decision-makers throughout the U.S.”

The Socrates Project revealed 5 key “shifts” that had to occur if the United States was to become a viable superpower once more. Sekora outlines the required shifts:

#1 The U.S. must change from economic-based planning back to technology-based planning.

#2 Technology-based planning is the foundation needed to address the wide range of functions in the private and public sectors that comprise the U.S. economic competitiveness issue.

#3 The world is poised for the next revolutionary step in technology-based planning, the Automated Innovation Revolution. For the U.S. to regain its ability to compete economically with its technology-based planning, it must generate and then lead the Automated Innovation Revolution.

#4 A Techspace Map and Map Navigation Tool was initially developed within the Socrates Project of the U.S. Federal Government, and then refined within the private sector, and these make it possible for the U.S. to generate and then lead the Automated Innovation Revolution.

#5 To generate the maximum economic competitive advantage from the Automated Innovation Revolution for the U.S., the Techspace Map and Map Navigation Tool must be used to develop symbiotic technology strategies at the country, state and organization levels, enabling the full range of U.S. resources to be utilized in a coherent, flexible, and independent fashion, not in conflict with America’s open, democratic society.

Since WWII the United States’ economic policies existed on the basis of economic-based planning. Before WWII the U.S. used technology-based planning, which is what led to our enormous growth, and it is the policy currently being used by China and India to build their countries into the next superpowers. By focusing on the development and utilization of technology and sophisticated production methods as opposed to simply profits, American businesses will witness a paradigm shift that will put an end to “economic shell-games” and restore true competitiveness to American industries. The Socrates Project allows this to happen without sacrificing the unique principles on which our country is based and make America great.

Right now there is a bipartisan bill currently in committee, H.R. 5980, called the “Bring Jobs Back to America: Strategic Manufacturing & Job Repatriation Act,” which would require the secretary of Commerce to develop a national manufacturing and job repatriation strategy and set targets for manufacturing sector job creation. It also would create “Repatriation Task Forces” to identify all American companies with manufacturing operations abroad and work with state and local governments to facilitate the return of those jobs to the U.S.

The most significant provision in this legislation is the reconstitution of Project Socrates. The bill will construct Project Socrates as an independent “American Economic Security Commission” charged with identifying and monitoring emerging technologies and global economic threats.

America, we must support this bill. The enactment of this bill has the potential of recreating the way American businesses, politicians and academia function. With its passing America could very well find itself in the throes of an economic renaissance, endowing America with the ability and the fuel necessary to become a competitive and prosperous country once more.

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