Stop Free Trade and Restore Our Economy



With our eyes wide open we are standing by and watching our country decline into third world status. We need to stop our present, damaging ways and put our country back on the right path.

We are spending money we don’t have on things like wars we cannot win. Meanwhile, our country is crumbling.. Our infrastructure is in shambles and our economy is on the verge of collapse, yet we are spending money in Afghanistan building their infrastructure while being shot at.

  • Our trade deficit is now around $600 billion. This means we are sending $1.2 million out of the country every minute, on average
  • 2012 national budget deficit is over $1 trillion
  • Accumulated national debt is over $16 trillion
  • Total consumer debt in the U.S. is $11 trillion
  • Student loan debt is over $867 billion
  • 1 in every 5 homes loans are financially under water

We are racking up this debt at an unprecedented rate, and there is no end in sight. We have been living on deficits and debt for years and are not producing enough to ever pay these debts. We haven’t had a trade surplus in 37 years!

We must stop this way of doing things immediately, or our money could be worthless in only two years.

We need to fix our trade deficit, and that means we need to stop free trade immediately. Free trade allows unrestricted, uncontrolled access to our economy for goods made overseas at labor costs far below ours, sometimes as low as $2 per hour, tariff and duty free. We cannot compete with these labor costs, so we must outsource our manufacturing or see our factories go bankrupt. This renders us uncompetitive and sends the middle class jobs we once depended on overseas, devastating our economy.

We must strategically use tariffs, as we have successfully done in the past. Tariffs were the major source of income for the Federal government for much of our nation’s history. More importantly, though, they helped to protect America’s industries from foreign competition and allowed America to become the world’s most productive nation. Many of our most successful presidents, including FDR, Kennedy and Reagan, have used tariffs to help our nation’s economy, yet we have neglected them recently to our detriment.

We can still get our country back on the right path, but we must immediately stop our failed “free trade” policies and return to policies that work for the United States.

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