Suffering from a Crisis of Creativity

Simeon Hein, author, doctor of sociology and director of the Mount Baldy Institute, claims that the current economic crisis in the U.S. is in part the result of a lack of creativity and motivation in the workplace.

According to Dr. Hein “centuries of educational training based mainly on left-brained analytical skills such as linear and logical thinking have left many people deficient in essential whole-brain thinking practices including creativity, empathy, and design.”

Hein cites recent books like Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink and Daniel Pink’s A Whole New Mind as books that support the claim that America as a whole has suffered due to an educational system that overemphasizes sequential analysis, logic and memorization. For years, this has led to a lack of successful new companies and innovative products or services in the U.S. economy.

Promoting this theory through practical applications are stand-out companies like Google, Apple, 3M and others. They employ strategies that seek to maximize employee creativity, like Google’s “twenty percent time,” which provides unstructured, right-brain thinking exercises and has led to many of Google’s most innovative applications like Gmail, Adsense and Google Earth.

Hein recommends new approaches to learning that emphasize intuition, spontaneity and creativity. His institute offers online classes, dubbed “Virtual Viewing,” based on techniques originally developed by the U.S. Army in the 1970s.

“These methods are designed to give a person greater access to their subconscious thoughts and perceptions,” Hein writes. “Our courses help people develop their full-brain potential resulting in more creativity and heightened access to a wider range of informational resources.”

If the United States couples a betterment of our educational system with sound fiscal policy and a reversal of policies that encourage outsourcing, our country will undoubtedly be back on the right track toward future prosperity. Without a strong educational system that provides students with the means to succeed in an industrial society, all the policy enactments and reversals would be for nothing; because without a strong and educated workforce motivated by the promise of future wealth, no country can maintain a global competitive presence.

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