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The American People Have No Confidence in Their Government

Congress Job Approval

New research shows Americans are losing confidence in all branches of government. Congress has reached historically low ratings and the Supreme Court and the president have each dropped over 7% in the confidence ratings according to a new Gallup poll.

“Free Trade:” America’s Common Enemy


“Free trade”  has essentially led to the most massive wealth transfer in the history of the world. The United States has not witnessed a trade surplus since 1975, and since then trillions of dollars have been lost through trade deficits caused by “free trade” on our end and protectionism on the other. The most significant flaw with all of our “free trade” agreements is that they are impossible to enforce. If “free trade” is impossible to enforce, competition becomes impossible. “Free trade” depends on the premise that all countries will play by the same rules. However, in the real world, assuring that this occurs is incredibly expensive, time-consuming and inefficient to contest.

Leaks show how corrupt Obama’s TPP trade deal is

We Should Focus On Unemployment


President Obama has been focused on jobs, specifically increasing wages for workers in the U.S. First he announced new overtime wage standards, now he is focusing on women’s labor issues including raising the minimum wage, narrowing the pay disparity between men and women, and increasing the availability of affordable child care as well as early education programs.

Is This the Demise of the American Dollar?

Dollar Demise

Barack Obama was embarrassed by Vladimir Putin over Syria when the American President’s plans for ousting the Assad regime were thwarted by cleverer maneuvering on the part of the Russian head of state. A rematch occurred over the Ukraine, in which Russia decided on a course of action that annoyed Barack. While they boldly took action, Obama stood by and whined about it and came out looking weak and foolish once again. Now, it seems that Putin was not done schooling his American counterpart. Russia is going after the American dollar.

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