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U.S. Politicians to American Companies: Either Move Out or Go Bankrupt!


Wake up! Where are our jobs?

They are being shipped overseas along with our wealth. Too many of our dollars spent on manufactured products are spent directly on imports, including much of our capital equipment and strategic items like electronics, computers, transportation equipment, and other machinery.

We Are Losing the Economic War With China


There was a time when we protected our nation and had an economic plan. Because of this plan we became one of the strongest nations on the earth. Much has changed and if we do not work for our best interest we will lose what little is left of our economic strength. Our downfall has not been mere chance—it has been a result of an economic war China has waged on the U.S.

America Has Taken a Supporting Role on the World Stage

Moon China

In 2014, the Chinese government landed an unmanned vehicle on the surface of the moon. This is not the accomplishment the United States achieved when Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon, but it does highlight China’s growing economic and scientific prowess when compared to the United States. China is moving forward, while the U.S. is struggling to maintain its current levels of spending on basic government programs, let alone space exploration.

“Free Trade” Weakens Us and Strengthens Our Rivals

China Military

For a long time now, observers have been predicting that China will be the dominant super power of the latter half of this century. At the rate they are growing, they look poised to turn this prediction into a reality very soon. As they stake their claim to the throne, and unseat the United States, it is maddening to reflect on how we have done so much to make them more powerful at our expense.

Trade Deficit with China Has Cost 2.8 Million U.S. Jobs Over Past Decade

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