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The Silent Economic War Against America

economic war

The United States is facing an economic disaster only a few nations have ever experienced. A silent economic war has been declared on America, a war that has destroyed a major part of our economy. Most Americans are unaware of this war. We have opened our shores and our markets with “free trade,” a proven disaster in the modern international economy.

China’s Plan to Colonize Us Is Working

FDA Warning: Beware of Toxic Tuna Imports


Consumer Reports has come out with a new study about the dangers of eating seafood, especially tuna. They particularly speak to pregnant women and strongly advise them to avoid eating tuna all together. The report claims that seafood contains toxic metal, especially mercury, which causes brain damage and destroys the nervous system. What consumer reports didn’t say is that 80 percent of the seafood in the United States is imported from China, Vietnam, and Mexico. What once was known as a dietary healthy meal is now posing great danger to our children.

Is The Consumer Nation Disappearing?


Target is facing major struggles in sales this year. The retail firm Target has been struggling to boost U.S. traffic, regain shoppers’ trust after hackers stole millions of customers’ data last year; or so they say. The real issue here is that Americans don’t have money to spend at Target. With most of our jobs within the service industry making minimum wage, we barely make enough to put food on our table. Where have all of our good jobs gone?

China Hacked and Stole 4.5 Million Patient’s Personal Data


Community Health Systems was hacked by hackers in China that used high-end sophisticated malware to launch attacks between April and June of this year. Hackers have obtained access to names, social security numbers, birthday, addresses and phone numbers.

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