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The Real Cost of the Wars in the Past and the Wars to Come

China Military

The United States has been meddling too much into foreign affairs. This has cost us billions of dollars as well as thousands of lives over the past couple of decades. The war in the middle east which began in 2003 and ended in 2011 took 4,491 U.S. lives. Since 2001, the U.S. has spent $1.6 trillion dollars in wars. Now with threats coming from China and ISIS we can expect those numbers to increase.

General Motors is becoming China Motors

Why Americans Should Buy Local Food


We have heard about toxic imports flooding our borders and sickening our American citizens. However, even the imported food that isn’t contaminated is still unhealthy for us. The nutritional quality of fruits and vegetables is highest as soon as they are picked and decline with time. The average imported fruit and vegetable travels thousands of miles before reaching your plate. On the other hand, local vegetables travel an average of 64 miles and were typically picked that same day.

A Peak at the Past Decade Shows Us How Deadly Chinese Products Are

labeled food

Food processing in China is notoriously poor. Authorities over the years have found in Chinese food factories soy sauce made from human hair, fake milk powder for babies, and meats soaked in insecticide. The conditions of the processing factories are absolutely disgusting. Food from the production lines fall on blood soaked floors flooding with bacteria and get put back in line for consumption. The U.S. has seen first hand these food crimes being committed yet continue allowing Chinese products enter our country for consumption. Here is a list of food products and items that have come from countries with lower safety standards than our own.

China’s Plan to Colonize Us Is Working

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