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4 Facts About Food Safety In America That Should Have You Worried


We import tons of food from third world countries that have much lower standards than we do when it comes to food safety. Even now, people are wondered as to why America still accepts fish from the Mekong River, one of the most polluted rivers on the planet?

“Free Trade” Weakens Us and Strengthens Our Rivals

China Military

For a long time now, observers have been predicting that China will be the dominant super power of the latter half of this century. At the rate they are growing, they look poised to turn this prediction into a reality very soon. As they stake their claim to the throne, and unseat the United States, it is maddening to reflect on how we have done so much to make them more powerful at our expense.

5 Ways Free Trade Deals Are Poisoning the U.S.

Toxic Food

The U.S. is so concerned with first world food problems and forgetting about the toxic third world food imports. We have so many regulations in place for meats, poultry, fruits and vegetables yet when food comes in from Vietnam or from Indonesia, it seems as if those regulations don’t matter. The FDA is so underfunded that they only have enough resources to inspect 1 to 2 percent of imported seafood!

China Surpassed U.S. and is Number One Economy in the World


America is no longer the number one economy in the world. China has surpassed the U.S. in becoming the number one economy and they plan keeping it that way. By the end of 2014, China made up 15.68 percent of the World’s purchasing-power and the U.S. made up 16.28 percent.

An Unbelievable Amount of Counterfeit Goods Come from China

china fake

Nearly everything in a tech store has a label “Made in China” on it. In fact, it is almost difficult to find something that isn’t made in China. Not only has this flood of goods from China put our companies out of business, but they are hurting, even killing people. Counterfeit high end bikes, wheels, and helmets from China are putting people’s life in grave danger.

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