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Chinese Toxic Imports Include More Than Just Food

Poison Medicine Pills

It seems that not only are U.S. consumers at risk of toxic, unsafe imported food from China, but illicit imported drugs and supplements as well. We’re importing products from foreign suppliers – like China – that are riddled with contaminates and unsafe additives.

How Safe Are the Prescription Drugs We Are Taking?


An increasing percentage of prescription drugs and dietary supplements consumed in America are imported from China and India with little oversight. In fact, about 40% of all over-the-counter and generic drugs used in the United States are produced in India. A report found that very few of the finished drugs are inspected for quality once imported to America. Even fewer factories that make the products are inspected. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) looked at 160 drug plants in India and what they found was disturbing. Drugs were contaminated, facilities were filthy and infested with bugs.

It Is Time to Leave the World Trade Organization

doha round, WTO

We have been stuck with the WTO for nearly two decades now, and the results have been disastrous: shuttered factories, lost jobs, and a devastated economy. Under the WTO, our trade policy has foolishly become a one-size-fits-all strategy. This is because when a country is admitted to the WTO, we must give them most-favored nation status. This means we have been stripped of our Constitutional right to regulate our own trade policies.

China Cheats with Their Cyber-Spying


Across the Pacific Ocean lies a nation which is ruining the United States. That nation is China, a country with its priorities straight and enough self interest to look after itself. The United States, on the other hand, cannot figure out how it should conduct its affairs and does not lift a finger to protect itself in the game of international trade.

America Now Elicits More Pity Than Respect

America Decline

After all the bombs dropped by unmanned drones, after all the lives taken and the property destroyed, we have little to show for it. Instead of building up America, we wasted money destroying foreign lands and probably creating more new terrorists than we killed. As if that were not bad enough, we must now endure the shame of knowing that, according to some, our elected leaders may be war criminals.

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