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Just How “Healthy” Are the Fruits and Vegetables You Eat?

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Have you been to the grocery store recently and bought fruits and vegetables that tasted bitter or maybe didn’t taste like anything at all? It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the “fresh” fruits and veggies we are buying taste different since we are not buying them during a harvesting season. However, what makes these so called “healthy” foods not healthy is the fact that they are being harvested in foreign countries while still green, put on a ship to ripen, and then dumped on our grocery store shelves. These fruits and veggies are picked so prematurely that even after their long journey across the sea, they still are not ready for consumption! Pair that with the fact that the Food and Drug Administration is underfunded and does not have the resources to inspect all of the food coming in, and we have a recipe for disaster.

Look Twice Before Buying Holiday Presents


In this gift-buying rush right before the holidays commence, the last thing on people’s minds is where their presents are coming from. Although we paint this beautiful illustration to our children of their presents coming from elves in the North Pole, the reality is that they are coming from China.

U.S. Will Have a Devastating Record Trade Deficit With China This Year

China Colonization

For 2014 the United States is set to have a record trade deficit with China. As of October of this year our deficit has totaled $284 billion. With two more months to be included, that number could rise into the mid 300’s. Our trade deficit is especially harmful as this money leaves our shores and comes back to buy out our companies and land. This has nothing to do with the fact that China recently became the largest economy in the world, it has to do with the fact that we have a broken system.

Our Christmas Spending Is Sinking the Economy


The end of each year is a time when consumerism reigns. It is a time when everyone falls all over themselves to drive home the point that America is addicted to foreign goods and living beyond its means. It is a problem all year long, but it becomes acute during the month of December.

America Is Outsourcing Christmas to China, We Don’t Make Anything!


As we come to the closing of another year of economic instability as a nation, we continue to ask where the jobs are. Where is the American manufacturing growth we were promised with good wages and full time hours? We all are looking for ways to help the economy. Some of us think that by buying goods in our stores we’re helping, but in reality we are just increasing our nation’s trade deficit and shipping more jobs overseas.

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