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Did the GOP Forget About Obama’s Previous Overreach?


It is unfathomable how Republicans were furious about President Obama’s overreach with his executive overreach regarding immigration, they were enraged over Obamacare, Benghazi,  Syria, and the Solyndra scandal yet they have agreed to give him more power! There is no question that President Obama has abused his power and shoved Congress to the side. However, when it comes to giving Obama even more power to negotiate trade, GOP is perfectly fine with it. Why?

Sanders: “It is Not a Great Day for America”

Bernie Sanders

The Senate voted today in favor of debating Trade Promotion Authority by 60-37. The last and final step will occur tomorrow when the Senate will vote on the bill itself. The battle has been a long and ongoing one. The legislation has endured nearly 6 weeks of congressional debates. It was shot down twice yet came to life again thanks to GOP leaders. Todays vote was supported by 13 democratic Senators of the 44 total and 47 Republican Senators out of 54. Tomorrow’s vote will require 51 to pass. Both Sherrod Brown (D-OH) and Bernie Sanders (I-VT) showed major disappointment in today’s vote and demonstrated it in their closing speeches below.

Another Chapter from the TPP is Leaked!


Wikileaks has just released yet another chapter of the classified Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). This is the sixth chapter that Wikileaks has released and is it like the rest, extremely alarming. The chapter released is the “Transparency for Healthcare Annex” chapter along with each country’s negotiating position.

Fast Track/Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) Has Been Delayed…Again

fast track

Trade Promotion Authority has been delayed. This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise since those in favor of TPA simply don’t have the votes to pass the entire package. This past Friday, TPA was passed in the house with 219-211 votes, however because Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) failed 302-126, it is stuck in the House. This delay keeps the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and two other huge trade deals in limbo. 

What Happened With Fast Track/TPA in the House on Friday?

fast track protest

The vote on trade this past Friday was extremely heated. Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) failed in the House 302-126. This essentially provided financial aid to workers who lost their jobs due to free trade. This was an embarrassing blow to Obama, especially since just minutes before the vote he flew in to the Capitol just to speak to House Dems and get one last plea in.

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