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Our Toxic Relationship with China


Secretary of State, John Kerry, has welcomed one of China’s top diplomats, State Counselor Yang Jiechi, into his Boston home to further the U.S.-China relationship. Chinese and U.S. officials said that the talks would cover a broad range of issues including economic ties. “The Secretary and the State Councilor used the dinner for informal and in-depth discussions and to speak frankly about ways to strengthen the bilateral relationship, improve cooperation on global and regional issues, and better manage differences,” a senior State Department official said. However looking at our history with China, furthering our relationship with them only means sinking our economy even more.

A Nation That Had Everything, but Is Now Giving It All Away


When we look at the causes of the colonists’ discontent, we see that some themes are prevalent through the centuries. The King of England used tariffs and manipulated trade to benefit England at the expense of the colonies. In school we learn about the rebellion against the tax on tea, but in reality this was but one small issue in a large list. The real problem was that England was protecting its home markets at the expense of colonial ones.

How Obama Has Failed Us On “Free Trade”

President Obama awards the Medal of Honor to Dakota Meyer, the first Marine to be so honored for actions in Aghanistan, at White House ceremony in Washington, DC.

For decades now, policies of “free trade” have been pushed on us, with the guarantee they would strengthen our economy and bring more jobs to the U.S. Instead they have stripped jobs from our shores. At one point it looked like we would have a President who supported changing our “free trade” agreements.

China Has Created Another Juggernaut to Steamroll America


While our economy is struggling, Chinese brands are expanding and gaining a bigger role in the world wide economy. China’s biggest e-commerce company is going public. With a valuation that could reach as high as $200 billion, Alibaba could be the second-largest Internet company in the world, behind only Google.

China Is Slaughtering Us in This Economic War!


When the Soviet Union fell, the world rejoiced and the Cold War ended. Some predicted an “end of history” and smooth sailing from there on out. Reality has been very different, because just as the Cold War was ending, an economic war with China was beginning. In truth, it has not been much of a war; more like a one-sided slaughter. The reason for this is the United States will not wake up, does not even want to acknowledge the war has long since begun and it is losing.

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