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Our Massive Trade Deficits Are Killing the U.S. Economy

trade deficit

The United States’ trade deficit is a big problem. This is an ongoing issue with no end in sight as the disastrous so-called “solutions” our politicians propose are actually the main problem. Exports are great, but not at the expense of a flood of job-killing imports. When we open up our borders through “free trade” we do far more harm than good.

U.S. Falls Behind on Renewable Energy


In a study carried out by Pew Charitable Trusts, it was discovered that, in 2012, China became the world leader in clean energy investment. The United States saw a decline in clean energy investments and technologies that same year. But think about it, how is China not going to grow and advance when all of our dollars are leaving our banks and going to China due to the massive trade deficit?

Renewable Energy Manufacturing Could Cause an Economic Boom


The country’s largest solar panel factory is just about to open near Buffalo River in New York. This is causing a major economic boom in the state because of jobs and savings on energy cost across the state. The jobs opening aren’t just jobs at the factory but also companies moving to the state in order to use the cheap clean power.

The United State’s Trade Deficit

Detroit Should Be a Warning to America: We Must Stop “Free Trade!”


It has been a long decline for America’s once-great city of Detroit. The city once had a population of over two million, now it is below 750,000. A vibrant city has slowly decayed as businesses have left or closed down. Unemployment is high among those who remain, whole neighborhoods have been deserted, the indignity of a bankruptcy for what was once the richest city in North America, and toxic water has been added to the list.

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