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“Free Trade” Equals Cheap Goods and Few American Jobs

China Outsourcing Unemployment Imports

Unfortunately for us, many of our “free trade” agreements have resulted in closed factories, soaring unemployment, and some communities engulfed in misery.

6 Reasons Why the World Trade Organization (WTO) Is Bad for America

no wto

Unfortunately, most Americans have never heard of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and its true role. It seems as if the media wants to keep it that way since we never hear about news regarding the WTO. The reality is that the WTO has a great deal to do with the current unfavorable condition of the U.S. economy. Essentially, the WTO can be seen as a contract between 160 member nations that severely restricts the ability of countries, especially the U.S., to handle their own economies and control their own trade. The WTO has proven to be detrimental to our economy.

U.S. Falls Behind on Renewable Energy


In a study carried out by Pew Charitable Trusts, it was discovered that, in 2012, China became the world leader in clean energy investment. The United States saw a decline in clean energy investments and technologies that same year. But think about it, how is China not going to grow and advance when all of our dollars are leaving our banks and going to China due to the massive trade deficit?

Should It Be A Surprise That China Is Inching Its Way To The Top?

China Dragon

Many are now saying that China is becoming a threat to the United States. They overtook the United States and are now the world’s number one economy. Not only that, but now China is the world’s third largest exporter of arms after the U.S. and Russia. In fact, China’s exports of major arms rose a whopping 143 percent in 2014. In fact, China’s military is increasing 10 percent this year!

The Path We Are on Is Unsustainable


Signs of America’s economic distress are everywhere. Businesses are either closing down or leaving our shores. Our unemployment rate remains high and unsustainable, and college graduates still face unprecedented hardship when finding a job. Our economy is no longer stable, and it is our failed policies that have led to our current crisis.

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