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America’s Infrastructure Is Not Improving, And That’s A Real Problem


Our once great nation is falling behind the rest of the developed countries in many areas. One of those areas is our infrastructure. In fact, globally the U.S. ranks 16th in quality of infrastructure. America went from having the world’s most modernized roadways and highways in the mid 1900’s to an outdated and hazardous infrastructure present day. In 2013 we were ranked 19th and this year we went up 3 spots, not because we have improved our infrastructure but because other country’s infrastructure worsened. When will the United States actually achieve a higher ranking better because of actual improvement and not because of the failures of other countries?

The U.S. Must Do this if We Are to Ever be Competitive Again


Our failed trade policies have ushered in unrestricted, open access to American markets, with disastrous consequences. The results have been the destruction of our economic base. In place of tariffs, more and more countries are using border consumption taxes which put our exported goods on an uneven playing field. Businesses are either closing down or off-shoring, and U.S. jobs are being lost. If the United States were to implement a border consumption tax of our own, we could regain the jobs that have been lost to other countries who have used the border consumption taxes against us.

These Meaningful Statistics Show How Bad Things Truly Are


We rely on a completely laissez-faire style of domestic policy while all of our global competition is actively lobbying, engaged, focused, subsidized and organized with strategies and tactics to build their own industrial base and dismantle ours. These statistics prove how bad our economy really is.

Is the Next Recession About to Hit the United States?


Leaders from first world countries are warning of a possible global downturn if the worrying trends continue. Our nation is headed toward a recession and there is little denying this. The recovery has not been as strong as it should have been because the middle class has never recovered. The little wealth that has been gained has been gained by the one percent. This means that because 70 percent of our economy is now consumer spending, Americans are spending less. Our nation is sinking further into debt to try to cope, but this can only last so long.

What is causing our lack of growth? The answer is simple- failed trade policies including “free trade” agreements, such as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), have stripped our economy of middle class jobs in manufacturing leaving us with only service jobs, which have made up the vast majority of growth in the employment in the last few years.

“Free trade” is uncontrolled, unrestricted access to our economy, tariff- and duty-free, for goods made in foreign lands for $4 per hour or less. We cannot compete with these wages, so our manufacturers are forced to close up, sell out or leave the country.

Since we implemented NAFTA and the WTO, we have lost 5 million manufacturing jobs. The losses have not just been in manufacturing though and as these jobs leave unemployment has soared. When we include the long term unemployed and those who are working part time and want full time work, the unemployment rate is around 12 percent. Wages for the bottom 80 percent of Americans have stagnated or declined in the last five years. We cannot continue along these lines and expect our economy to fully recover.

This cannot continue if we want to survive as a nation. We allow other countries to use manipulative trade practices and send cheap goods here, many of which have been found to contain harmful contaminates. They then buy up our best companies and ship manufacturing jobs overseas.

Why aren’t we hearing the truth about our economy? Because the mainstream media is owned by 6 major multinational companies who have a vested interest in keeping these policies in force.

We must act now to restore our nation. To start:

  • We must halt the sale of key assets to foreign entities.
  • We must close opportunities for foreign corporations to compete unfairly against our home industries.
  • We should institute policies to cut back our consumption, and particularly consumption of imported products including implementing a border consumption tax.
  • We should look to the way other nations have established industrial superiority over us and try to copy their best policies.
  • We should not allow individuals and companies to profit by selling out the Unites States.
  • We must get out of the WTO and all “free trade” agreements

Wake up America! We must act now to restore the American dream. Contact your Congressional Representative and tell them about these solutions to restore America.

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Citizens are Still Asking, What Is the Problem with Our Country?


A lot can change in ten years, especially where the United States economy is concerned. After suffering from multiple “free trade” agreements such as NAFTA and KORUS, and becoming a member of the World Trade Organization, our country has gone from a prosperous powerhouse to one suffering through an economic decline. We’ve seen what economic catastrophe looks like in countries like Greece and Iceland. The U.S. is not far behind. Our leaders would do well to heed the mistakes of nations who have already tumbled off the cliff.

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