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Major Economic Concerns Facing the United States

Is the Stock Market About to Crash? Signs Point to Yes


Iraq is in civil war, Ukraine and Russia are at odds with each other. China and Japan are fighting over small islands. With all of the conflict in the world many people are wondering how the stock market can continue to show increases. On top of this our own economy has been sluggish throughout this year, as evidenced by lackluster employment, slow GDP gains, and stagnant wages.

China Hacked and Stole 4.5 Million Patient’s Personal Data


Community Health Systems was hacked by hackers in China that used high-end sophisticated malware to launch attacks between April and June of this year. Hackers have obtained access to names, social security numbers, birthday, addresses and phone numbers.

Where are Your Back-To-School Supplies From?


The beginning of the school year has finally come. Some parents are content to receive some relief and not have their kids home all day anymore. Others are having a hard time making ends meet with all of the back to school shopping that needs to get done. During this time, let’s remember that the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on school shopping go towards items not made in America. This just contributes to our trade deficit even more.

U.S. Falls Behind on Renewable Energy


In a study carried out by Pew Charitable Trusts, it was discovered that, in 2012, China became the world leader in clean energy investment. The United States saw a decline in clean energy investments and technologies that same year. But think about it, how is China not going to grow and advance when all of our dollars are leaving our banks and going to China due to the massive trade deficit?

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