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NAFTA Propels Illegal Immigration


The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was created on January 1, 1994. It is an agreement between the United States, Canada, and Mexico. This particular “free trade” agreement was supposed to spur an increase in trade, exports, foreign investments, wages and standards of living. Reduced migration and reduced prices for goods were also supposed to result from NAFTA. Unfortunately, no good has actually resulted from NAFTA.

Chinese Toxic Imports Include More Than Just Food

Poison Medicine Pills

It seems that not only are U.S. consumers at risk of toxic, unsafe imported food from China, but illicit imported drugs and supplements as well. We’re importing products from foreign suppliers – like China – that are riddled with contaminates and unsafe additives.

A Three Step Plan to Fix Our Economy

Three Step Plan

America’s economic woes are no secret. Nations like China are growing more and more economically powerful, while America is spiraling out of control. Losing an average of $600 billion dollars per year in trade deficits adds up, and the new low-wage economy neither brings in the needed tax dollars to run the country, nor gives citizens enough money to pay the bills. The more imports we buy, the more other nations prosper, and the more America falls deeper and deeper into third world status.

America Now Elicits More Pity Than Respect

America Decline

After all the bombs dropped by unmanned drones, after all the lives taken and the property destroyed, we have little to show for it. Instead of building up America, we wasted money destroying foreign lands and probably creating more new terrorists than we killed. As if that were not bad enough, we must now endure the shame of knowing that, according to some, our elected leaders may be war criminals.

Citizens Wake Up! America Is Now a Plutocracy!


Knowing the harm too much influence in the hands of one group or one individual could have, our Founding Fathers designed a system of government to split up the power so no one faction would have too much authority. At the founding of our nation we established our Constitution as the supreme law of the land and the Founders designed it to strengthen and unify our country while ensuring that individual liberties would be secured.

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