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Toxic Food Imports – Unregulated, Unchecked

We Are Poisoning Ourselves with Uninspected Food Imports


In 2012, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that roughly 48 million people suffer from food-borne illnesses each year in the United States. The primary culprits behind the illnesses include salmonella and listeria.

The TPP Would Put Our Food Supply at Risk

imported food

Your ability to control what you eat, or even know what is in the food you eat, will be gone if the secret Trans-Pacific Partnership currently being negotiated in secret sessions among the United States and 11 other Pacific Rim countries is passed. The Obama administration, guided by large multinational corporations such as Monsanto, is pushing for the most draconian rules.

Attention Legislators: Why do we need to be in the WTO?


 Membership in the WTO is of no benefit to us and it does us great harm. It has damaged our economy and caused us to forfeit our sovereignty.

Tainted Yellow Fin Tuna Imported from India Sent 400 People to Hospital

Toxic Food Fish

Is the fish on your plate safe? If you are eating seafood in the United States, there is a very good chance it was imported, and a very low chance it was ever inspected. This could be endangering your health.

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