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Chinese Chicken Labeled as “Product of America”


Back in 20104, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) approved U.S. born and raised chicken to be sent to China for processing before being shipped back to the states for our consumption. People’s sentiment towards this issue hasn’t changed one bit. Americans are furious at the fact that our born and raised chicken travel 14,000 miles round trip to be processed and sent back.

The Dangers of Investor State Dispute Settlements (ISDS)

United States European Union TTIP

The European Parliament has come together to demand limits on Investor State Dispute Settlements (ISDS) from any “free trade” agreement. More specifically, they are demanding that foreign investors shall not have greater rights than domestic investors. The resolution also states that “the jurisdiction of courts of the EU and of the member states is respected, and where private interests cannot undermine public policy objectives.” America needs to do the same. What in the world is ISDS and why did the EU find it necessary to combat against it? Let me explain.

Student Loan Debt and Delinquency At an All Time High

student loan interest rates

It is becoming more and more evident to people that student loans are a burden to everyone. We keep hearing that the economy is improving and that jobs are being added and wages are supposedly rising. If that were the case, why is it that student loan delinquency is at an all time high?

The Uprising Begins Against the “Three Big T’s”


Last year, Wikileaks set up a crowd-funding page to raise money in order to reward whosoever can come up with texts and information regarding the ever so secretive Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). Organizations, activists, and individual people are sick and tired of being kept in the dark regarding major issues that affect them directly. They are being awaken to the fact that these are our jobs being shipped away, our economy dying, and our fight to fight.

Don’t Want Your Drug Costs to Increase? Stop “Free Trade”

drug costs

Even though the TPP negotiations failed to come to a conclusion, we must not let up our fight against it. Absolutely anything can happen to revive the TPP and we would have a disaster before us. Not to mention that there are 2 other enormous trade deals also brewing that are just as bad, if not worse, than the TPP. Why should we continue fighting against these agreements? One out of the dozen reasons to oppose these free trade agreements is because drug and medication costs are going to explode, making it extremely difficult for Americans to afford them.

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