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The Uprising Begins Against the “Three Big T’s”


Last year, Wikileaks set up a crowd-funding page to raise money in order to reward whosoever can come up with texts and information regarding the ever so secretive Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP). Organizations, activists, and individual people are sick and tired of being kept in the dark regarding major issues that affect them directly. They are being awaken to the fact that these are our jobs being shipped away, our economy dying, and our fight to fight.

Americans Are Waking Up to How Horrendous ALEC is


If you haven’t heard of ALEC, you need to know what it is because they are taking control of our government. ALEC stands for the American Legislative Exchange Council, which is a non-profit group that writes model legislation for our lawmakers. Shell, the oil conglomerate ended it’s membership with ALEC.

Don’t Want Your Drug Costs to Increase? Stop “Free Trade”

drug costs

Even though the TPP negotiations failed to come to a conclusion, we must not let up our fight against it. Absolutely anything can happen to revive the TPP and we would have a disaster before us. Not to mention that there are 2 other enormous trade deals also brewing that are just as bad, if not worse, than the TPP. Why should we continue fighting against these agreements? One out of the dozen reasons to oppose these free trade agreements is because drug and medication costs are going to explode, making it extremely difficult for Americans to afford them.

Celebrating the Birth and Future of the United States of America

founding fathers

This weekend millions of people celebrated with their friends and families America’s independence day. Although most are busy grilling, eating, or gazing into the fireworks, let us not forget what we are truly celebrating.

Why You Could See an Increase on Drug and Medicine Costs


The Trans Pacific Negotiations are over and the TPP has been signed. One of the most outrageous parts of the TPP is the strict intellectual property chapter which gives big pharmaceutical companies exclusivity on drugs for 12 long years. This means that drug and medicine prices will soar since generics won’t be able to come out for 12 years.

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