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Could the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Be Dead?


Canada’s elections are only a month away which gives the Trans Pacific Partnership a whole 30 days to be wrapped up and signed. Many countries have come to the conclusion that the TPP will not be wrapped up by then and have already lost interest in the TPP. This comes as great news for America since millions of jobs would’ve been shipped overseas, and our American companies would’ve been put out of business.

Newly Leaked TISA Texts Grows More Concerns


You may have heard of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and you must’ve heard about the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), but mostly likely than not, you have probably never heard of the Trade and Investment Partnership (TISA). TISA has been globally unnoticed since 2013 and it is another NAFTA-style trade agreement with the U.S. the EU, and 23 other countries including Taiwan, Israel, Pakistan, Australia, Canada, Mexico and Turkey. Altogether, TISA encompasses two-thirds of the global GDP. 

Malaysia’s Trafficking Upgrade is a Clear Sign of Corruption

Malaysia human trafficing graves

A mass grave was discovered in Malaysia with human trafficking victims. A total of 24 bodies were found on Malaysia’s border with Thailand, where gangas of human trafficers are known to hold people for ransom. This is in addition to the 139 grave sites that authorities found in May of this year. This just has everyone asking the same question: why did the U.S. upgrade Malaysia’s human trafficking status?

A Peak at the Past Decade Shows Us How Deadly Chinese Products Are

labeled food

Food processing in China is notoriously poor. Authorities over the years have found in Chinese food factories soy sauce made from human hair, fake milk powder for babies, and meats soaked in insecticide. The conditions of the processing factories are absolutely disgusting. Food from the production lines fall on blood soaked floors flooding with bacteria and get put back in line for consumption. The U.S. has seen first hand these food crimes being committed yet continue allowing Chinese products enter our country for consumption. Here is a list of food products and items that have come from countries with lower safety standards than our own.

Disastrous TPP Being Pushed to Wrap Up By Mid September

TPP job killer1

The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is not dead. Even though talks failed last month in Hawaii and the 12 countries couldn’t come to an agreement, the last few legislative days left are being used up wisely. Canada’s chief negotiator, Kirsten Hillman, visited the U.S. capital last Thursday to push forward the TPP and try to finish it up by mid-September. We shouldn’t only be concerned over the TPP, but two other similar yet even larger and more secretive deals known as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA).

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