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A Value-Added Tax Is the Solution to Many of America’s Ills

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Just as when a healthy body comes into contact with a diseased one and contracts its illnesses, a healthy nation engaging in trade with a relatively unhealthy one can also catch all sorts of maladies. A certain layer of prudent protection is required or the healthy nation will grow sick. And just as a sickness can cause chain reactions leading to all manner of other problems, a trade illness can bring about the same state of affairs for a nation. America has caught a fever but refuses to recognize it, and the fever is running rampant through our national body, untreated and looking to grow worse. A Border Adjustable Consumption Tax could be the answer we need.

Medical Tourism Creates Another Outsourcing Problem for America

As health care costs continue to skyrocket in this nation, an increasing number of Americans are turning to ‘medical tourism,’ where they visit another country for a procedure, in order to save money, which could cost even more American jobs.

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