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Is America’s Economy Really Improving?


This recovery has been unlike every other recovery in history. It has been a very slow come back in which people and businesses are still suffering from the recession. What is worse is that we keep hearing good news about our economy improving, when in fact is has only improved in certain areas while the others are still hurting significantly.  Alabama, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and more are still no where near to where they use to be before the recession. The truth is that the United State’s economy is unstable and in dire conditions.

To Fix the Environment and Our Trade Deficit, We Must Get Off Foreign Oil!

Foreign Oil

Last week, environmental activists stormed New York protesting and asking for our leaders to make changes to the way we treat the environment. The U.N. throughout the week held hearings on climate change and the environment. We should do what we can for the environment, but what most people don’t realize is that on top of that, our dependence on foreign oil is adding massive amounts of money to our trade deficit.

The TPP Will Destroy Our Patent System


It’s increasingly clear that so-called “free trade” agreements are no longer about trade. They are now global governance agreements that usurp our Constitution and undermine the power of our elected officials. One of the most disturbing aspects of these agreements is that it is not just foreign interests attempting to affect our laws through trade agreements, but our own companies as well.

We Can’t Continue Living on Imports and Debt!


If we are to survive as a nation we must change our economic policies now. 

Student Loan Debt Worsening Housing Industry


The massive amount of student loan debt isn’t just hurting college graduates across America, it is also hurting our housing market. A study conducted by John Burns Consulting showed that 414,000 homes will not sell this year due to the student loan debt. “We actually think it’s pretty conservative,” said Rick Palacios, director of research at John Burns Consulting. “We’re only looking at people age 20 to 40. We know there’s a big chunk of households over age 40 who have student debt, too.” The reality is that student loan debt has tripled since 2005 to $1.1 trillion, hindering the ability of young adults to buy homes. It really should come as no surprise why the housing industry has suffered so much amongst young adults.

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