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Young, Educated, Broke, and Jobless Due to “Free Trade”

student debt

It’s time our political leaders opened their eyes and got a better understanding of how student debt has impacted the lives of young adults. A study released by Dr. Katrina Walsemann of the University of South Carolina revealed that the higher the student’s loans, the poorer his or her mental health is. When you combine an average of $30,000 loans per college graduate and no jobs in the U.S. you have a serious problem.

Look Around, Is America’s Economy Really Improving?


This recovery has been unlike every other recovery in history. It has been a very slow comeback in which people and businesses are still suffering from the recession. We keep hearing good news about our economy improving, but the fact is that the economy has only improved in certain areas while the others are still hurting significantly.  Alabama, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and more are still nowhere near to where they use to be before the recession. The truth is that the United State’s economy is unstable and in dire conditions.

Major Bridges Are Crumbling As We Speak

Infrastructure Bridge

Our infrastructure is crumbling as we speak. We literally mean crumbling: chunks of concrete from a bridge came tumbling down onto a woman’s car in Maryland. Fortunately, Katherine Deane was not severely injured when these giant pieces smashed her windshield on Tuesday. This is merely one example of the many hundreds of bridges that are about to collapse.

Students Must Get Involved in Saving the American Economy

Free Trade Has Failed Because It’s Neither Free Nor Fair


The United States has not had a trade surplus since 1975. Over $8 trillion has been lost through trade deficits between 2000 and 2014 alone. This is caused by “free trade” on our end and protectionism on the other. “Free trade”  has essentially led to the most massive wealth transfer in the history of the world.

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