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It Is Time to Change Our Ways

Young Workers

The United States has morphed from a manufacturing society to a service society, leading to the greatest number of unemployed and underemployed Americans since the Great Depression. With working Americans making less and less, the U.S. is running out of funding for its welfare programs. This is happening at a time when programs like health care and welfare are becoming more and more necessary for the underemployed to make ends meet.

5 Reasons the United States Must Get Out of NAFTA Now!


When NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) was passed, many people feared the worst. The results have indeed been disastrous for the U.S. Economy:

  1. The trade deficit with Mexico has exploded
  2. Mexican wages remain nearly as low as they were prior to NAFTA and are still a small fraction of our average wages
  3. Wealth and power has not filtered to the people. Most of Mexico is still controlled by less than 100 corporations in Mexico
  4. Many of our other trading partners have relocated facilities to Mexico to circumvent other trade agreements with the U.S.
  5. American manufacturing has lost 1 million jobs in the past 20 years as U.S. companies have also moved to Mexico for lower wages and lax regulation

A New Economic Strategy for the United States


It is no secret that a number of disastrous policies and failed strategies have contributed to our current economic vulnerability. Our one-way “free trade” agreements, such as NAFTA, KORUS and the agreements with the World Trade Organization (WTO),  have opened our doors to foreign goods. We are losing jobs and a number of valuable businesses have shut down, all while our markets continue to be flooded with foreign goods entering our country tariff- and duty-free. Far too often, the WTO favors foreign nations, leaving the U.S. at the mercy of unfair tactics, backdoor protectionism and constant threats to our sovereignty.

Are Things Really As Good As They Say? Simple Answer: No


The media makes it seem like there is great news as of late. We hear about the stock market improving, unemployment decreasing, and the cost of living going down due to gas prices. In reality, they are not telling you the specifics behind everything. Just how is the stock market improving? What jobs are people finding? What is going on behind the gas prices? No one knows because the media doesn’t tell us.

People Are Dying Because of Our Crumbling Infrastructure


Over two decades ago, a disaster occurred on the Portal Bridge between Washington, DC and Boston. Amtrak train number 12 lunged into the river due to rail that failed to snap back into place after operators opened the bridge to allow river traffic to pass by. 43 people were injured and the cleanup cost a whopping $3.5 million. Flash forward to today and the bridge is still operating with the minor repairs that were done 20 years ago. 

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