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Young, Educated, Broke, and Jobless Due to “Free Trade”

student debt

It’s time our political leaders opened their eyes and got a better understanding of how student debt has impacted the lives of young adults. A study released by Dr. Katrina Walsemann of the University of South Carolina revealed that the higher the student’s loans, the poorer his or her mental health is. When you combine an average of $30,000 loans per college graduate and no jobs in the U.S. you have a serious problem.

NAFTA Has Practically Expelled Our Best Companies


Since the passage of NAFTA, the American economy, which was already stagnating, has gone downhill at an increasing clip. When we examine the details of the “free trade” agreement, it is easy to see why it has caused so much devastation.

Prudent Tax Reform Would Solve Many of Our Problems


We have been told the only way to decrease the deficit is to either increase income taxes or cut spending on entitlements such as Social Security and Medicare. This simply isn’t true. At the heart of both of these issues is America’s trade policy. Much of what we hear comes from corporate interests wanting “free trade” agreements that increase their profits and ship jobs overseas.

NAFTA Took Our Jobs and May Even be Killing Our People


Looking back at the year 2013, 631 people became ill due to veggies and cilantro coming from Mexico. These veggies landed in grocery stores across the U.S. and onto our dinner plates infected with cyclospora. In addition, 84 people became ill due to cucumbers containing salmonella coming from Mexico. How is it possible that we aren’t filtering these vegetables out?

These Photographs of Detroit Paint a Bleak Picture for America


Our nation’s economy is a one-way ticket to running straight into the ground. Our jobs are shipped overseas due to the so called “free trade” agreements our political leaders have forced on us. Our middle class is diminishing and our trade deficit is growing by every second. Things are only getting worse. 

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