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America’s Trade Deficits Are Destroying the Economy


For almost four decades the U.S. has had a trade deficit with foreign nations. The U.S. trade deficit has caused millions of Americans to lose their jobs, it has devastated our manufacturing sector, and destroyed the American dream. In 2012, the U.S. bought $741 billion more goods than it sold.

Service Sector Jobs Make it Difficult To Even Eat at McDonalds


U.S. restaurants are planning to boost prices 2 percent during the next six months due to the pressures rising beef, cheese, and pork prices. However this is causing major declines in sales due to people being price sensitive and not being able to afford higher meal prices. “If you encourage and kind of seed the notion that you can come in for a couple bucks and get some food, and then you can’t do that anymore, there’s bound to be a reaction,” said John Gordon, an adviser to restaurants and franchisees.

America Must Look for Real Solutions, Not Ways to Spend More Money


America is just throwing money at all of the problems that money will not solve, rather than looking for real, long lasting practical solutions. Between fighting a disease that is not a serious threat here in the U.S. to wasting money on programs that will do little to help college students’ futures.  America must start looking for real solutions, not just new ways to spend money

Why Would We Allow Corporations to Sue the Government for Doing Its Job?


Mitch McConnell is no hero of the people, most of us have known that with his support for “free trade.” Now, McConnell is pressuring U.S. negotiators to ensure that multinational corporations can take part in the dispute settlement portion of the the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership). 

Service Sector Jobs Proving to be Difficult Due to “Free Trade”


With the holidays around the corner, Walmart along with Macy’s and other department stores are preparing their employees to work during the holidays. Walmart alone reports a million associates to work on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday. More and more stores are jumping on the bandwagon and opening up on the holidays to attract shoppers. The issue here is that the U.S. is the only developed country that doesn’t guarantee paid holidays. Workers in the service sector industry barely even have a choice on either taking the holiday off or working. Nearly 40 percent of retail workers don’t even receive a minimum amount of hours.

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