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10 Reasons Why No Version of Fast Track or the TPP Would Be Good For America

Fast Track

Recent reports have stated that we should expect a Fast Track bill to be introduced later this month or early in February. Fast Track or Trade Promotion Authority as it is also called is meant to guarantee the passage of the TPP as quickly as possible. This would be dangerous for our economy.

Economic Troubles Are on the Horizon Again for Americans


There are economic troubles brewing. While unemployment has fallen, wages have remained stagnant through the recovery.  While jobs are coming back, pay for all but the 1 percent isn’t. The median wage is still below where it was before the Great Recession. Last month, average pay actually fell, which is a sign that for most of us the recovery never came. Most people believe they are not better off now than they were before the recession. Last week jobless claims remained over 300,000. This is the third straight week this number has been over 300,000. We haven’t seen numbers like this for more than half a year.

People Are Asking, Is Obama Really Fighting for the Middle Class?

Obama dictator 2

Earlier this week, during his State of the Union Address, the president laid out his economic plan for the coming year. He spoke at length about the importance of “middle class economics”—encouraging policies that strengthen the middle class. He argues that he is fighting for the middle class, but his actions show otherwise. What is so strange in his speech is his insistence on supporting the TPP and asking for Trade Promotion Authority also known as Fast Track.

6 Service Sector Jobs We Can Expect To Disappear


Many people seem to be happy with the fact that employers in the retail industry have kept the majority of the employees they originally hired for the holidays only. People think it is great that jobless claims have decreased by 4,000 due to this. What people fail to realize, however, is that these jobs are part-time jobs at Walmart or Kmart making minimum wage with no benefits whatsoever—our manufacturing economy is being replaced by a service (servant) economy.

People Are Dying Because of Our Infrastructure


Over two decades ago, a disaster occurred on the Portal Bridge between Washington, DC and Boston. Amtrak train number 12 lunged into the river due to rail that failed to snap back into place after operators opened the bridge to allow river traffic to pass by. 43 people were injured and the cleanup cost a whopping $3.5 million. Flash forward to today and the bridge is still operating with the minor repairs that were done 20 years ago.

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