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Outsourcer Nike Supports More of the Same Job-Killing “Free Trade”


Nike Inc, one of the most famous brands of shoes has come out in favor of the Trans Pacific Partnership saying that it will bring thousands of jobs to the U.S. However, the Wall Street Journal questions the validity of Nike’s claim and states that it is unclear on how lowering tariffs on imports into the U.S. would help Nike boost jobs in the country.

The World Trade Organization Is Destroying U.S. Sovereignty


For almost two decades the U.S. has been living with the results of joining the World Trade Organization (WTO). The WTO is a self-serving and undemocratic organization that operates outside of our control. The U.S. Constitution states that all treaties made under the authority of the United States become supreme law of the land (Article VI). When our government signed the WTO treaty, unbeknownst to most Americans — including our legislators — our sovereignty was given away.

When Will We Stopped Being Lied To Over “Free Trade”?


A famous flooring store in the U.S., Lumber Liquidators, is being pursued by the U.S. Department of Justice for criminal charges against it’s imported products.  Lumber Liquidators has been selling laminated floors from China that contain dangerous levels of formaldehyde. Formaldehyde causes cancer, skin issues, and breathing problems. In fact, the U.S. National Toxicology Program has classified formaldehyde as a human carcinogen.

Economic Problems Facing the U.S.


The United States is facing economic disaster on a scale few nations have ever experienced. Most people are unaware of the easily observable signs of this crisis, where it came from and how to stop it. While we persist in our superpower mentality, we have quietly become a second-class country in many respects.

“Free Trade” Is Keeping Our Economy From Recovery


For most Americans the economy has not gotten better. A survey from the Federal reserve reports that fewer than one-third of Americans believe they are better off financially than they were five years ago, with a lack of household savings and large debt burdens holding back large segments of the economy.

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