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A New Study Proves That We Are a Plutocracy


It’s no surprise to most Americans that the economy is struggling. Unless you are part of the corporate elite, things are not going well. Time and again we have been told by our leaders that they are working to help the middle class. But in reality our nation’s leaders are serving the one percent.

How Obama Has Failed Us On “Free Trade”

President Obama awards the Medal of Honor to Dakota Meyer, the first Marine to be so honored for actions in Aghanistan, at White House ceremony in Washington, DC.

For decades now, policies of “free trade” have been pushed on us, with the guarantee they would strengthen our economy and bring more jobs to the U.S. Instead they have stripped jobs from our shores. At one point it looked like we would have a President who supported changing our “free trade” agreements.

KORUS is a Complete and Utter Failure for America


The South Korea – U.S. Free Trade Agreement (KORUS) came with a lot of promises. Proponents of the agreement said it would increase our ability to export, and bring economic benefits to the United States a result. It was said it would be good for the auto industry. Two years after the agreement went into effect we can see the ugly truth. None of the things we were promised have happened and the American economy is paying the price.

We Must Remain Vigilant in Order to Stop the TPP


Our economy is sputtering, unemployment remains high, and our elected representatives in Congress are the least effective they have been in decades. President Obama seems committed to worsening that by pushing forward the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The TPP is a “free trade” agreement which consists of about a dozen countries in the Pacific region.

We Must Bring Back Manufacturing To Replace Debt With Prosperity


The longer the United States runs a trade deficit, the more damage we do to our country. Our massive trade deficit is sending hundreds of billions of American dollars overseas every year. Our “free trade” deals have put our manufacturers out of business, and they have made the American public reliant on foreign producers to meet their everyday needs. As we spend more money on foreign goods, there is less money available to be reinvested in American manufacturing.

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