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Destined to Go Bankrupt if We Don’t End Free Trade!


Many believe that the media has been lying to us. We have heard that “free trade” agreements have been delivering good results to us, when in reality, the facts show us that its been the opposite. Penny Pritzker, U.S. Secretary of Commerce has spoken up about the U.S.-Korea Free Trade Agreement (KORUS) and has talked about supposed “tangible results.” The only “tangible results” we have seen are the trade deficit increase of over 55 billion with South Korea, a decrease in our exports, and although some tariffs were eliminated, our goods still face the 10 percent Value Added Tax. Are these the results that Pritzker is boasting about?

Why Would We Allow Corporations to Sue the Government for Doing Its Job?


Mitch McConnell is no hero of the people, most of us have known that with his support for “free trade.” Now, McConnell is pressuring U.S. negotiators to ensure that multinational corporations can take part in the dispute settlement portion of the the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership). 

The Wealth Gap in America Has Now Reached an All Time High

wealth gap

The wealth gap between the rich and the poor in the United states has been widening for far too long and has finally reached a 100-year high. “By some estimates, income and wealth inequality are near their highest levels in the past hundred years,” said Federal Reserve chief Janet Yellen. “I think it is appropriate to ask whether this trend is compatible with values rooted in our nation’s history, among them the high value Americans have traditionally placed on equality of opportunity.” As the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, our economy is sinking and it is sinking fast.

Senator Elizabeth Warren Calls Out President Obama

obama warren

Many thought President Obama would be the hope and change our country needed to see the middle class restored. Instead of following his campaign promises to renegotiate NAFTA, he has pushed for even more “free trade” agreements including KORUS, TPP and TTIP. Each of these trade agreements have caused our country to sink further into massive trade deficits, and have stripped well-paying manufacturing jobs from our shores.

“America the Beautiful” Is Now Just a Distant Memory


America was once a prosperous country that was looked upon with envy by foreign nations. In the 1950s our economy was strong and the future looked promising. Our infrastructure was expanding and industrial production was booming. Clearly, we were on the right path. In the past, we produced over 90% of the goods we consumed. Our survival depended solely on the strength of our citizens–the way it should be.

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