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Free Trade – the Kiss of Death for Our Economy

kiss of death

If an enemy was seeking to hire someone to destroy America he might have hired the political leaders who created the foreign, undemocratic World Trade Organization (WTO), job killing North American “Free Trade” Agreement (NAFTA), the disastrous Korean-U.S. “Free Trade” Agreement (KORUS FTA) and the pending unholy trinity of trade agreements – the TPP, TTIP and TISA.

TPP: Highly Secret “Free Trade” Agreement Would Be Disastrous for U.S. Economy


The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a “free trade” agreement that, if passed, would unite the economies of Australia, Brunei, Chile, Malaysia, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, Vietnam, Mexico, Canada and the United States. Even Japan has recently signed on to the negotiations.

The TPP Could Destroy the American Middle Class


The American middle class has been decimated by decades of policies that put the interests of a few wealthy individuals above the best interests of America as a whole. NAFTA, CAFTA, KORUS, the WTO– these agreements have all served to enrich a few individuals who gain wealth by importing cheap goods into the United States. Meanwhile we have seen our good, middle-class jobs shipped overseas to countries with wage rates often below $4 per hour.

Are Our Leaders Clueless or Just Apathetic?


Free trade sounds nice, but it is an extremely misleading policy. In actuality the practice has wrought havoc on the American economy. It appears as though our leaders are either apathetic or clueless when it comes to the United States’ involvement with free trade agreements (FTAs). In fact, “free trade” lines the pockets and ambitions of CEOs and politicians while shipping American jobs overseas.

We Must Remain Vigilant in Order to Stop the TPP


Our economy is sputtering, unemployment remains high, and our elected representatives in Congress are the least effective they have been in decades. President Obama seems committed to worsening that by pushing the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The TPP is a “free trade” agreement which consists of about a dozen countries in the Pacific region.

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