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Let’s Learn from Our Mistakes and Turn away from “Free Trade”

Fair Trade not Fast Track

They say that those who do not learn their history are doomed to repeat it. This certainly seems to be the case with our political leaders who, after two decades of North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), are negotiating more “free trade” agreements. This despite the fact that the lessons to be learned from NAFTA are clear and should steer us away from “free trade”.

Free Trade – the Kiss of Death for Our Economy

kiss of death

If an enemy was seeking to hire someone to destroy America he might have hired the political leaders who created the foreign, undemocratic World Trade Organization (WTO), job killing North American “Free Trade” Agreement (NAFTA), the disastrous Korean-U.S. “Free Trade” Agreement (KORUS FTA) and the pending unholy trinity of trade agreements – the TPP, TTIP and TISA.

The Government Is Supposed to Serve the People’s Interests, but Ours Does Not


Our leaders consistently pursue new “free trade” deals despite the fact that our previous deals have been abject failures.

Americans now have to compete with workers who make only a small fraction of what workers in the United States are paid. This has forced us to outsource much of our manufacturing, leaving us unable to produce for ourselves.

Are Our Leaders Clueless or Just Apathetic?


Free trade sounds nice, but it is an extremely misleading policy. In actuality the practice has wrought havoc on the American economy. It appears as though our leaders are either apathetic or clueless when it comes to the United States’ involvement with free trade agreements (FTAs). In fact, “free trade” lines the pockets and ambitions of CEOs and politicians while shipping American jobs overseas.

A Not So Holly Jolly Christmas This Year


Today is the day where millions of people celebrate Christmas. It is a time of the year where the shops close, the streets aren’t stopped with traffic, and the meals are a little tastier than usual. A time when our guard is down since we are consumed by festivities and when absolutely anything can happen. A moment when we turn a blind eye to the 2.5 million children out in the cold sleeping in the streets with parents that don’t have jobs or money. A season where we neglect to take precautions with regards to the food that we are feeding our loved ones.

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