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9 Disastrous Ways the TPP Will Affect Your Daily Life


The White House and corporatists in Congress are pushing hard to pass Fast Track trade authority to railroad the massive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) through Congress. Why do they need it so badly? Because without it, the TPP wouldn’t stand a chance at passing. With history showing how “free trade” agreements have failed us and the devastating effects of the WTO, this comes as no surprise.

Economic Troubles Are on the Horizon Again for Americans


There are economic troubles brewing. While unemployment has fallen, wages have remained stagnant through the recovery.  While jobs are coming back, pay for all but the 1 percent isn’t. The median wage is still below where it was before the Great Recession. Last month, average pay actually fell, which is a sign that for most of us the recovery never came. Most people believe they are not better off now than they were before the recession. Last week jobless claims remained over 300,000. This is the third straight week this number has been over 300,000. We haven’t seen numbers like this for more than half a year.

The Japanese Miracle


The tiny island nation of Japan provides many fine examples of what a country can do if it is not bogged down in futile wars and is intelligently governed. Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and China have copied Japan’s model and have become extremely successful.

6 Service Sector Jobs We Can Expect To Disappear


Many people seem to be happy with the fact that employers in the retail industry have kept the majority of the employees they originally hired for the holidays only. People think it is great that jobless claims have decreased by 4,000 due to this. What people fail to realize, however, is that these jobs are part-time jobs at Walmart or Kmart making minimum wage with no benefits whatsoever—our manufacturing economy is being replaced by a service (servant) economy.

The Disintegration of America’s Wealth


In 1950 one out of every three American workers was employed in the manufacturing industry. America was the manufacturing superpower of the world, and our middle class was both booming and enjoying a high standard of living. We were the richest and most productive country in the world.

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