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New Iphone: “Designed in California but Assembled in China”

iPhone Apple China

The beloved Apple products have broken a record of 10 million iPhone 6’s sold on the first weekend of being out on the market. That is good news for Apple, but is that good news for America? Does that money pump money back to our economy? Does it create jobs in America? Unfortunately the resounding answer is a no. Sure the iPhone ideas come from the U.S. but it is mostly made and assembled in countries in Asia. For example the fingerprint sensor was imagined in the U.S. however manufactured in Taiwan. Have you ever wondered why it is that Apple designs in California but manufactures in China?

The TPP Will Destroy Our Patent System


It’s increasingly clear that so-called “free trade” agreements are no longer about trade. They are now global governance agreements that usurp our Constitution and undermine the power of our elected officials. One of the most disturbing aspects of these agreements is that it is not just foreign interests attempting to affect our laws through trade agreements, but our own companies as well.

We Can’t Continue Living on Imports and Debt!


If we are to survive as a nation we must change our economic policies now. 

“Free Trade” Has Weakened the Middle Class


A new jobs report out last Thursday showed companies added 288,000 jobs in February. Only 16,000 of those jobs are in goods-producing industries. The rest are in service industries such as retail and hospitality.

Our Failed Trade Policies Have Destroyed Our Nation’s Economy


The Federal Reserve is set to end its economic stimulus program in October, bringing to an end the controversial five-year-old scheme. All of this is unnecessary as we should be focused on rebuilding our manufacturing strength rather than giving more money to the biggest banks.

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