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Detroit: From Luxury to Landfill

A documentary on the well known tale of the rise and fall of Detroit, as it pertains to the free trade market.

These Photographs of Detroit Paint a Bleak Picture for America


Our nation’s economy has a one way ticket running straight to the ground. Our jobs are shipped overseas due to the so called “Free Trade” agreements our political leaders have forced on us. Our middle class is diminishing and our trade deficit is growing by every second. Things are only getting worse. 

Detroit: A Vision of America’s Potential Future


Once the wealthiest city in America, known as the “arsenal of democracy,” Detroit was the fourth largest city in the U.S. in the 1960’s, with a population of two million. Now a microcosm of everything that is wrong with the American economy, Detroit has become nothing more than a devastated landscape of urban decay with a population of about 700,000.

What Happened to All of The Promises President Obama Made?

President Obama awards the Medal of Honor to Dakota Meyer, the first Marine to be so honored for actions in Aghanistan, at White House ceremony in Washington, DC.

President Obama promised 5 million green jobs during his presidential campaign in 2008. Not only did he fall short by a long way, but in fact lost hundreds of manufacturing companies, laying off thousands of employees. During his 2012 re-election campaign, President Obama promised jobs again, this time promising 1 million manufacturing jobs which he has yet to come close to fulfill. He has only added a little over 189,000 manufacturing jobs. With so little being made in the United States compared to decades ago, we must now more than ever join together and buy American made products.

Several Factors Are Driving Our Debt, and It’s Sinking Our Nation


There are moments in history when debt must be incurred. Usually, this is because an expensive war necessitates more expenditures. An economic collapse can severely reduce revenues, and this might also push a nation into debt. A look at the history of American debt shows just this trend. Unfortunately, things are different now, and some are wondering whether the United States will ever get a handle on its ceaseless deficit spending.

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