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Americans Needs to Produce Here in America Once Again


American Auto company Tesla Motors has begun the construction of its $5 billion “gigafactory” in Nevada, where it will mass produce its batteries. This will mean 6,500 jobs to America and will be worth $100 billion to the state of Nevada. This is a step in the right direction to restore America, however much more is still needed and our trade and tax laws must be fixed if we want companies to thrive here. If we can end failed “free trade” agreements, get out of the World Trade Organization, and reform our tax system, America can be the once great nation it was.

American Car Maker, Tesla Motors Opening Factory in Nevada


The American company Tesla Motors has officially chosen the state of Nevada to build its massive, $5 billion factory that will make batteries for a new series of electric cars. Ford and GM are also American companies, but they outsource to Mexico. Chrysler used to be American until the Italian company Fiat bought them out.

Detroit: From Luxury to Landfill

A documentary on the well known tale of the rise and fall of Detroit, as it pertains to the free trade market.

America’s Economic Policies Destroying Us from Within


Our nation loses 14 manufacturing plants per day and has lost over one-third of its manufacturing jobs over the last dozen years. The United States used to be a wealthy country, not one buried in debt. We accumulated abundance through most of the twentieth century, as we were a very productive country whose wealth derived to a great extent from manufacturing. Our companies invented and produced many of the things we needed and much of what the rest of the world needed.

These Photographs of Detroit Paint a Bleak Picture for America


Our nation’s economy has a one way ticket running straight to the ground. Our jobs are shipped overseas due to the so called “Free Trade” agreements our political leaders have forced on us. Our middle class is diminishing and our trade deficit is growing by every second. Things are only getting worse. 

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