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We Are Passively and Foolishly Allowing America To Be Destroyed!


While our leaders continue to gamble away our jobs via harmful “free trade” agreements that benefit the elite 1 percent, the American public is seemingly content to do nothing to stop the slaughter of our economy.

Disastrous “Free Trade” Is Bankrupting America!


Plain and simple, “free trade” agreements are ruining our country.

“Free Trade” Will Decimate All of America Just Like It Has Detroit


Our economy continues to struggle to regain the strength we lost from the economic recession which started in 2008. In Detroit Michigan, a city that was once the wealthiest city in America and the fourth largest in the country, has slowly been decimated to the point that we hardly recognize it.

A New Study Proves That We Are a Plutocracy


It’s no surprise to most Americans that the economy is struggling. Unless you are part of the corporate elite, things are not going well. Time and again we have been told by our leaders that they are working to help the middle class. But in reality our nation’s leaders are serving the one percent.

NAFTA Has Destroyed American Manufacturing


“Free trade” means unrestricted, uncontrolled access to our economy, tariff- and duty-free, for goods made for $4-per-hour or less. The U.S. cannot compete with these wages so we are forced to choose between going bankrupt, outsourcing nearly all of our manufacturing or simply selling out.

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