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We Must Fix our Infrastructure Now!


A week ago,  a 6.0 earthquake hit Napa Valley, CA. This most recent earthquake did significant damage to the region. The area’s infrastructure saw damage to water and gas lines and millions of dollars estimated damage to businesses and residences. This is just another reminder that our infrastructure is failing.

“Free Trade” Is a Disaster for Our Country


It has been well documented that NAFTA has sent hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of American jobs to Mexico. Because Mexican laborers are so cheap, and “free trade” bills allow the easy movement of capital – though not labor – across borders, manufacturers naturally choose to operate in the low-wage nation. They can then sell the goods back to America for cheap, ignoring the devastation caused by so many unemployed.

“Free Trade” Has Ravaged Our Economy and Country

Closed Factory

For years now our leaders have lied to us, telling us that their policies have been good for America. “Free trade” agreements were passed on the lie that they would create more jobs. We joined the WTO to ensure the middle class would be protected and we went to war to protect American lives. We are now seeing the real cost of these policies.

Could Detroit’s Bankruptcy Be a Sign of Things to Come For America?


On August 12th 2014, one of Detroit’s major creditors objected to the bankrupt city’s plan to reduce the billions of dollars in debt. The largest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history is set to begin September 2nd, after being delayed twice. Detroit filed for bankruptcy over a year ago, claiming it had no way to pay off the estimated $18 billion in debt.

The End of America as We Know It


America is quickly being taken over and forced into submission – into colonial status – owned controlled and managed by China. There is obviously no hope as our candidates are totally neglecting our true condition and are not even talking about it in their debates.

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