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Darkness at the End of the Tunnel


We are being controlled and directed – told what to do – by other nations, for their benefit and to our detriment. Our direction in so-called “free trade” is not just hurting us – it is destroying us. One look at our condition and direction will clearly show we are in a mode of self destruction. When will we wake up to the realization that some of the agreements we have signed, most specifically NAFTA, KORUS and our agreement with the WTO, are preventing us from doing what is in our best interest? 

Free Trade – the Kiss of Death for Our Economy

kiss of death

If an enemy was seeking to hire someone to destroy America he might have hired the political leaders who created the foreign, undemocratic World Trade Organization (WTO), job killing North American “Free Trade” Agreement (NAFTA), the disastrous Korean-U.S. “Free Trade” Agreement (KORUS FTA) and the pending unholy trinity of trade agreements – the TPP, TTIP and TISA.

Our Failed Trade Policies Have Destroyed Our Nation’s Economy


The Federal Reserve is set to end its economic stimulus program in October, bringing to an end the controversial five-year-old scheme. All of this is unnecessary as we should be focused on rebuilding our manufacturing strength rather than giving more money to the biggest banks.

NAFTA Is Driving Our Immigration Problem

Mexico Farmers Immigration

Before the advent of NAFTA, illegal immigration from Mexico to the United States was a small problem, at least relative to what it would become. After NAFTA was signed and implemented, the problem exploded. This is no mere coincidence.

Hard Truths about NAFTA

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