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11 Facts Proving “Free Trade” Has Been a Disastrous Failure for America

Free Trade

For decades now, we have seen our economy struggle to recover jobs that have been lost to outsourcing. We must now come to the reality that our failed trade policies are destroying our economy.

2.5 Million Pounds of Beef Recalled Last Year Alone

toxic food

Last year was a bad year for food imports. From poisonous dog treats from China to tainted fish from Vietnam, thousands of Americans fell ill from imported goods coming from countries with lower food safety standards than ours. The Department of Agriculture just released a summary of the meat and poultry recalls issued in 2014 and the numbers are shocking. In 2014, more than 2.5 millions pounds of beef and poultry were recalled due to contamination. When you take in consideration that the USDA cut back meat inspections in 2013, we start to wonder how much meat went on our grocery store shelves without inspection.

Why Isn’t the Media Giving Bernie Sanders Any Coverage?

Bernie Sanders

Editor’s note: Economy In Crisis is a non-partition organization. We do not endorse any party or candidate. 

We are over a year away from the presidential elections and the 21 declared candidates haven’t failed to receive media coverage. All except a few like Bernie Sanders.

Foreign Nations Attack the United States with Trade Weapons

Free Trade

Not only has “free trade” led to the largest transfer of wealth in the history of the world, but trillions of American dollars have been lost due to the removal of tariffs, resulting in trade deficits. Additionally, “free trade” agreements are nearly impossible to enforce because they assume that every participating country will play by the same rules. This is seldom the case.

“Free Trade” is Class Warfare


The term “class warfare” has become a commonly used stigma in the United States. Republicans screamed it when President Obama proposed a tax increase on the wealthiest Americans. But the same Republicans who are quick to use the term “class warfare” against anything that affects the rich are largely silent when it comes to policies that target the middle and working class – namely “free trade” agreements.

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