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American Manufacturing Just Can’t Compete


Our “free trade” policies have allowed other countries to use unfair tactics to put our industries out of business. Theoretically these nations are committed to opening their markets to our goods – but they are not as foolish as we are to allow that to happen in an uncontrolled way.

We Are Passively and Foolishly Allowing America To Be Destroyed!


While our leaders continue to gamble away our jobs with harmful “free trade” agreements that benefit the elite 1 percent, the American public is seemingly content to do nothing to stop the slaughter of our economy.

“Free Trade” Results in a Sort of Class Warfare

Middle Class

The term “class warfare” has become a commonly used stigma in the United States. Republicans screamed it when President Obama proposed a tax increase on the wealthiest Americans. But the same Republicans who are quick to use the term “class warfare” against anything that affects the rich are largely silent when it comes to policies that target the middle and working class – namely “free trade” agreements.

Who Could Be On the Presidential Ballot in 2016?


We are a little over a year and a half a way from the presidential elections and candidates are beginning to sprout. As Americans, we need to research and evaluate which candidates are fit to run the nation. We need to know if these candidates truly care about bettering America. Here is a list of strong and potential candidates and a little background information on each.

Foreign Nations Attack the United States with Trade Weapons

Free Trade

Not only has “free trade” led to the largest transfer of wealth in the history of the world, but trillions of American dollars have been lost due to the removal of tariffs, resulting in trade deficits. Additionally, “free trade” agreements are nearly impossible to enforce because they assume that every participating country will play by the same rules. This is seldom the case.

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