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We Must Stop “Free Trade” and Track Trade Authority

Fast Track

Despite the problems we have seen from our previous “free trade” agreements such as NAFTA, the United States continues to pursue more damaging trade pacts. President Obama is currently pushing the disastrous Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), negotiated secretly, which would put the United States in direct unfair competition with even more low-wage, low-regulation countries. We cannot continue down this road of economic destruction if we want the United States to remain recognizable. The future of our country for us and our children is at stake.

What Should We Be Thankful For this Thanksgiving? Very Little.


Today is Thanksgiving, and for most Americans that means sitting around a table eating some turkey and maybe watching some football or a parade. For many, there is little to be thankful for. Our economy is in shambles, unemployment remains high, and wages have stagnated for years.

Double Check Food Labels Before Buying Thanksgiving Dinner Items

labeled food

Tomorrow is the day where we gather around a table and share a dinner together with our family and loved ones. According to USDA’s National Economic Statistic Service reports that Americans will consume 51 million turkeys on Thursday this year. On thanksgiving alone, Americans spend $2.4 billion dollars of food. With food imports are at an all time high due to “free trade,” we must be careful when buying food for our Thanksgiving dinner to avoid a catastrophe. Many countries we import food from, such as Vietnam, don’t have such high standards like we do when it comes to food safety. If we don’t check the origin of our food, our loved ones may get severely ill.

PresidentObama Insists on Disastrous “Free Trade”


Our Commander-In-Chief is scheming with paid corporate lobbyists to pass a new “free trade” agreement that isn’t so much about trade as it is about setting up a new One World Government, with giant corporations in charge. The agreement is known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The agreement is between the U.S. and 11 other countries including third world countries like Vietnam and Brunei.

Obama Addresses Immigration Issues but Not the Real Reasons for Them


Last week, President Obama announced plans to reform how the executive branch will handle deportations of illegal immigrants. Because of NAFTA, the number of people migrating illegally from Mexico each year to the United States has more than doubled. In 1993, there were an estimated 3.9 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. However, by 2011, that number exploded to an estimated 23 million! The U.S. Senate has already drafted immigration reform proposals to combat the growing migration of people from Mexico into the United States, but what is the House of Representatives doing?

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