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Young, Educated, Broke, and Jobless Due to “Free Trade”

student debt

It’s time our political leaders opened their eyes and got a better understanding of how student debt has impacted the lives of young adults. A study released by Dr. Katrina Walsemann of the University of South Carolina revealed that the higher the student’s loans, the poorer his or her mental health is. When you combine an average of $30,000 loans per college graduate and no jobs in the U.S. you have a serious problem.

4 Major Economic Concerns America is Currently Facing


Many people are looking to the future hoping to see promise for America. Unfortunately dark clouds are on the horizon. Here are a few concerns we see with the economy this year. 

NAFTA Is A Proven Disaster, So Why Do Our Leaders Want More “Free Trade?”


The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has proved to be nothing but a disaster. The Office of the United States Trade Representative claims that, “[f]or services and many categories of goods, the U.S. maintains a trade surplus with the NAFTA countries.” However looking at the raw data on the United States Census Bureau website, our overall trade balance with Mexico is a deficit of $53.8 billion and a $34 billion trade deficit with Canada. The small surplus that USTR claims to have through NAFTA must be very small in order to have such a large overall trade deficit.

Newly Leaked TISA Texts Grows More Concerns


You may have heard of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and you must’ve heard about the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), but mostly likely than not, you have probably never heard of the Trade and Investment Partnership (TISA). TISA has been globally unnoticed since 2013 and it is another NAFTA-style trade agreement with the U.S. the EU, and 23 other countries including Taiwan, Israel, Pakistan, Australia, Canada, Mexico and Turkey. Altogether, TISA encompasses two-thirds of the global GDP. 

Federal, State, and Local Levels Can Be Sued if TPP Passes


Many refer to the North American Free Trade Agreement as a “failed experiment.” In fact, 53 percent of Americans believe the U.S. should do “whatever is necessary” to “renegotiate” or “leave” NAFTA. The truth is that policies and regulations within NAFTA are very unsettling. One in particular that isn’t talked about very often is the Investor State Dispute Settlements (ISDS) found in chapter 11.

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