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Citizens are Still Asking, What Is the Problem with Our Country?


A lot can change in ten years, especially where the United States economy is concerned. After suffering from multiple “free trade” agreements such as NAFTA and KORUS, and becoming a member of the World Trade Organization, our country has gone from a prosperous powerhouse to one suffering through an economic decline. We’ve seen what economic catastrophe looks like in countries like Greece and Iceland. The U.S. is not far behind. Our leaders would do well to heed the mistakes of nations who have already tumbled off the cliff.

We Must Reject Both the WTO and the TPP

no wto

The United States is in a precarious situation where the power of government is secretly being handed over to foreign entities and giant corporations via “free trade” agreements.

Nation’s Largest Bankruptcy Trial In History Approaching an End


For the past couple of months, the city of Detroit has been undergoing the nation’s largest bankruptcy trial in history. A date has been set for Judge Steven Rhodes to decide Detroit’s fate. On Nov. 7, we will witness either the rise of the motor city, or the ultimate end of it. The ruling will be either an up or down ruling. Judge Rhodes is not allowed to choose parts he likes and eliminate others. If approved, billions of dollars in debt would be wiped out and would give Detroit one more opportunity to get back on it’s feet. However, many are left with a puzzling question. Just how exactly did Detroit get to this rock bottom point?

We Are Passively and Foolishly Allowing America To Be Destroyed!


While our leaders continue to gamble away our jobs with harmful “free trade” agreements that benefit the elite 1 percent, the American public is seemingly content to do nothing to stop the slaughter of our economy.

Service Sector Jobs Make it Difficult To Even Eat at McDonalds


U.S. restaurants are planning to boost prices 2 percent during the next six months due to the pressures rising beef, cheese, and pork prices. However this is causing major declines in sales due to people being price sensitive and not being able to afford higher meal prices. “If you encourage and kind of seed the notion that you can come in for a couple bucks and get some food, and then you can’t do that anymore, there’s bound to be a reaction,” said John Gordon, an adviser to restaurants and franchisees.

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