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Too Much Debt


The United States federal government has accumulated debt of more than $17 trillion, and that debt is expected to grow significantly in coming years. This burden is an extremely serious drag on our economy. Borrowing more and more money would threaten the livelihoods of Americans, as well as our standing with the rest of the world.

The System of Government Our Founding Fathers Envisioned No Longer Exists

Founding Fathers

The system of government our Founding Fathers envisioned has ceased to exist. Politicians were never supposed to have the kind of stranglehold on their offices they hold today. The American public is passively condoning this ineffective system by not demanding better. We need to be able to recall leaders who do not live up to their campaign promises. A lot of damage can be done in a two year term in the House of Representatives, and even more with four years in the White House or six years in the Senate.

Is America on the Path to Yet Another War?

Secession Ukraine Crimea

The powder keg in the Ukraine looks like it could explode at any moment. Tensions are escalating, rhetoric on both sides is escalating, and things look like they are headed towards war. This is not to say that war is inevitable, but if we continue on this path without veering away, war is where we will be at, and the United States cannot afford another moral atrocity, nor another fiscal one.

Dark Money Is Corrupting Our Politics

dark money

The amount of money spent on politics each election cycle is truly staggering. The sad part is, while ordinary Americans are restricted in what they can contribute, rich corporations find ways to skirt the law, or even stealthily break it. That $11 million donation is proof of a corrupt, broken system where elections go to the biggest spender and politicians, therefore, do what they have to do to get the money rolling in.

China’s Leaders Investing In Their Economy, American Leaders Are Not


China is using our ailing economic condition to their benefit. While jobs here in the United States continue to be lost and our trade deficits and national debt continue to rise, China is booming.

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