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Put The U.S. Back To Work! What’s Wrong With Our Strategy?


During the past year a virtual chorus of complaints about our devastated domestic industries  has been raised by proactive economic advisory firms and “think tanks.” How could we let a massive flow of foreign imports take control of our self-sustaining domestic market for goods and services? What’s wrong with our leaders in business and government who allow the U.S. to become the world’s biggest debtor nation with tens of millions of unemployed while we’re well on our way to insolvency?

End the Empire and Build America


It is very unlikely that the United States will cut the military budget or end our wars in Central Asia until the concept of maintaining world influence by militarily presence is discredited and abandoned. The sudden eruption of the democracy movement in the Arab nations has made it obvious that we have little control over the real world in spite of our more than 900 military bases on foreign soil. It is also obvious that our government was surprised by these events, which is a noteworthy failure of our extensive and expensive intelligence establishment to understand the world in which we live.

Class War In America


The following is an excerpt from OpEdNews.com, click here to read the article in its entirety.

The Middle Class Is Being Priced Out of American Universities


The following originally appeared on OpEdNews.com.

One of the great myths of American life is that universities are bastions of liberal thinking. I worked at a university for 19 years, and I know the unfortunate truth about many campuses: They are run by boards that tend to be populated by corporate elites.

End WTO Job Loss


One in five families have suffered losses of more than 25 percent of their income. This is inescapably a moral issue. We cannot consider ourselves civilized — never mind Judeo-Christian — if the rest of us do not respond forcefully to the suffering of our fellow Americans. They have lost their jobs and often their homes, while corporate profits and executive salaries reach obscene levels. This is failed policy!

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