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Real Immigration Reform Must Start with Renegotiating NAFTA


The North American “Free Trade” Agreement (NAFTA) is an agreement between Canada, the U.S. and Mexico created on January 1, 1994. Since its creation, nearly 300,000 family farms in Mexico have been put out of business, forcing Mexican workers to seek employment and better opportunities elsewhere—the United States.

“Free Trade” Equals Cheap Goods and Few Jobs

China Outsourcing Unemployment Imports

Unfortunately for us, many of our “free trade” agreements have resulted in closed factories, soaring unemployment, and some communities engulfed in misery.

America’s Economic Policies Destroying Us from Within


Our nation has lost 14 manufacturing plants per day and over one-third of its manufacturing jobs over the last dozen years. The United States used to be a wealthy country, not one buried in debt. We accumulated abundance through most of the twentieth century, as we were a very productive country whose wealth derived to a great extent from manufacturing. Our companies invented and produced many of the things we needed and much of what the rest of the world needed.

ALEC Is Destroying Democracy in America


Most Americans believe we are a democracy, but unfortunately that is no longer true. These people believe the president and members of Congress are in charge of governing our country and that their vote determines who will lead us.

NAFTA Has Practically Expelled Our Best Companies


Since the passage of NAFTA, the American economy, which was already stagnating, has gone downhill at an increasing clip. When we examine the details of the “free trade” agreement, it is easy to see why it has caused so much devastation.

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