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Detroit: From Luxury to Landfill

A documentary on the well known tale of the rise and fall of Detroit, as it pertains to the free trade market.

McCutcheon Ruling Grants Plutocrats More Power


Last week, the Supreme Court issued yet another disastrous ruling. This time the case was McCutcheon v. FEC, and the Court removed one of the few remaining barriers to complete control of our democracy by millionaires and billionaires. Combined with Citizens United, McCutcheon will ensure that the richest Americans can spend unlimited sums to influence our elections and our government.

Why America Must Leave the WTO Now


After World War II, America was on the rise. The Axis powers of Germany, Italy and Japan were defeated. It was time to rebuild. To tighten ties with our allies and help rebuild Europe, new global organizations were created to unite against the perceived next threat to democracy: communism. Thus were the Bretton Woods institutions, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, born.

McCutcheon Ruling Will Only Continue the Plutocrats Rule

money corporations

With the upcoming midterm Congressional elections this year candidates are expected to raise millions of dollars in order to get elected. In the 2012 election cycle millions of dollars were spent by outside groups supporting candidates. Much of this outside spending would not have been possible if it had not been for the Citizens United ruling.

Dark Money Infiltrating Our Politics

dark money

Ever wonder how politicians acquire funds and resources to blast out massive media campaigns?  The millions of dollars spent on TV and radio campaigns doesn’t come from the pockets of fellow Americans. The bulk of the money comes from the same people found in the top 1 percent income bracket. They are spending millions of dollars to support a cause or candidates that support the policies that made them rich by putting American workers into poverty. It’s the latest trend during political campaigns and it’s called dark money.

Dark money is a term used to describe political spending by seemingly harmless groups whose own donors, often the source of the money, are allowed to remain hidden because of loopholes in disclosure laws.

These groups are required to report how much money they spend trying to influence elections yet under the Internal Revenue Service code, these organizations are not required to tell the government or the public from whom they get their money from.

To put it in perspective, dark money has risen from “$25 million in 2000 to about 336 million in 2012” according to Federal Election Commission and Internal Revenue Service data that the Center for Responsive Politics.

The issue here is that citizens are left in the dark about who is behind all of these campaigns. Unlimited  amounts of money are being spent into these campaigns, trying to sway voters on specific issues and thereby influencing the outcome of the elections. The shady concealing of money sparks up many suspicious questions.

What do they fear from disclosure of their political investments? Are they embarrassed of their position? Are they abashed of their candidate? All of this sneakiness poses voters to think that these donors are trying to hide something. If they want to participate in political campaigns they should stand up for what they believe in and do it open to the public. It is obvious how most politicians cannot resist the temptation of receiving campaign donations, even if it is shady.

What happened to the good old days when a voter could  research and educate themselves about the candidates and issues without being bombarded with political ads? We need to stop allowing dark money into our politics and increase transparency into who donates to campaigns.

Wake up America! More needs to be done to address the corruption in the United States. Contact your Congressional representative and ask what they’re doing to combat the growing issue of “dark money.

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