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Citizens Wake Up! America Is Now a Plutocracy!


Knowing the harm too much influence in the hands of one group or one individual could have, our Founding Fathers designed a system of government to split up the power so no one faction would have too much authority. At the founding of our nation we established our Constitution as the supreme law of the land and the Founders designed it to strengthen and unify our country while ensuring that individual liberties would be secured.

We Must Stop the Plutocrats From Controlling Our Government


The Supreme Court issued a ruling in its Citizens United case that allowed money to come flooding into electoral politics. Those who remember all the corruption in the housing market when it was flooded with money will not be surprised to learn that dirty things are going on behind the scenes with our political campaigns, too.

A Sound Strategy for Political Candidates


Everyone knows the America economy is doing poorly. More and more, people are coming to a better understanding of why we have declined from superpower to second-rate nation. It really is not that difficult to figure out. With this in mind, there are a few strategies for those seeking political office that can bring success in virtually any district.

Dark Money Infiltrating American Politics

dark money

Ever wonder how politicians acquire funds and resources to blast out massive media campaigns?  The millions of dollars spent on TV and radio campaigns doesn’t come from the pockets of fellow Americans. The bulk of the money comes from the same people found in the top 1 percent income bracket. They are spending millions of dollars to support a cause or candidates that support the policies that made them rich by putting American workers into poverty. It’s the latest trend during political campaigns and it’s called dark money.

From Bad to Worse? US Face of Poverty

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