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We Need a Better Plan for Our Economy, Like Japan Has


Capitalism is motivated by profit, which can be affected by government tax or other policies and foreign competition. If the policy of the government and foreign competition does not allow for profitable returns on investment in critical domestic industries then it seems there are two options:

So Long Golden Years


America has long since abandoned the tools that led to its golden era of production. Without a strong manufacturing base, the U.S. is now more vulnerable than at any time in its history. The facts speak for themselves. The U.S. has been forced to sell over 16,000 of our best companies in the past 30 years through the effects of our lopsided balance-of-trade deficit with our trading partners. 

Coming to Terms with Reality


The wealth of the United States was largely achieved during the 20th century through the development of our industrial base. Our manufacturing industry has been eroded and rebuilt overseas, motivated by our domestic and foreign policies that did nothing to maintain America’s manufacturing capabilities. Free trade is meant to provide a mutual advantage between the two trading parties. When one country is better at production in one particular sector, and the other party is better in another, the two benefit from trade.

Protectionism is a matter of self-survival


This article originally appeared on OpEdNews.com.

Back in 2005, I wrote an extensive series of articles on Wal-Mart and how one corporate giant was outsourcing anything and everything that American industry wouldn’t provide to them for resale at the prices they demanded. I opined that their actions were in essence “a national security risk” as we outsourced our light and heavy industry to other countries – especially to countries that were not necessarily “friends” of the United States. In fact, I wrote about the dangers of outsourcing before “WakeUpWalMart.com” even came into existence. I insisted that “the best price wasn’t always the best deal,” especially as to how it would eventually impact our own economy – and even more importantly, the impact on our national security. The article was titled “Wal-Mart – And the Destruction of our Economy.”-

Class War in America, the Ongoing Assault


This article originally appeared on OpEdNews.com.

Protectionism. Capitalists were all for it before they were against it. When manufacturing took place in America, when they paid workers enough to buy the products they produced, adding a tariff/tax/fee on to the cost of imported goods made by these same manufacturers’ competitors overseas, was fine. It just made sense. It was good business to prevent your domestic market from being flooded with cheaper goods from overseas, because that would lower domestic manufacturing’s ability to make enough money to stay in business. And this is exactly how the British and the Americans built their global empires.

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