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What Our Membership in the WTO Has Done to the U.S.


Since our membership with the World Trade Organization (WTO), we have essentially lost our sovereignty. Dozens of laws that we have passed to benefit American citizens have been struck down by the WTO courts. The have deemed them “unfair” to other countries and multinational corporations. Who is the WTO to tell us how to run our own country? All of our federal, state and local laws, and practices that affect trade are to be reviewed by the WTO now. This isn’t right! It’s unconscionable! What happens to other countries is none of our business, we need to protect our citizens and our economy.

Economic Problems Facing the U.S.


The United States is facing economic disaster on a scale few nations have ever experienced. Most people are unaware of the easily observable signs of this crisis, where it came from and how to stop it. While we persist in our superpower mentality, we have quietly become a second-class country in many respects.

Fast Track/TPA Would be a Disastrous Blow to U.S. Sovereignty


Economy in Crisis alongside other organizations such as Coalition for a Prosperous America have been hitting Capitol Hill hard since the beginning of the year. We have been meeting with members of Congress, both Republicans and Democrats, to press hard against giving President Obama Trade Promotion Authority (TPA). However, we haven’t been the only ones discussing TPA on the Hill. Those in favor of TPA have been pressing on Congress to give this power to the President. Not only have they had meetings with members of Congress, but have also flooded D.C. with advertisements that are pro-TPA with what many say “false facts.”

U.S. Steel Industry Under Attack By Foreign Steel Dumping

Steel Mill

News came out this month that South Korea would fight the U.S. anti-dumping tariffs on steel. The South Korean government has lodged an appeal with the World Trade Organization (WTO) against a U.S. move to slap anti-dumping duties on imports of steel pipes.

“Free Trade” Has Exposed Us to South Korea’s Predatory Practices


A few months ago, South Korea was found guilty of dumping oil country tubular goods into the United States, thus harming our native producers. Dumping is the practice of selling at below cost in a foreign market and making up the difference with subsidies from one’s own government. While this decision is good for us, it is only a small battle in a large war that only needs to be fought because of the “free trade” agreements we are a part of.

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