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The FDA Only Inspects 1 – 2% Of Imported Seafood From China


The United States imports a large amount of its food from foreign countries. In fact,  according to United States Census data, food imports doubled in the United States from 1997 to 2008. Over 60% of imported food comes from countries like China. The danger of importing food products from foreign countries is that they are often improperly produced. Improperly produced and consumed meat is the largest cause of food-borne illness.

Poisonous Chinese Imports Nothing New


The news has lit up recently over talk of poisonous dog treats entering the United States from China.

Parents Outraged Over Possibility Of Chinese-Processed Chicken In U.S. Schools


A month ago it was announced by the USDA that we would begin shipping chicken to China for processing, only to ship it back over here to sell to U.S. consumers.

Americans at Risk From Uninspected Foreign Food


Americans are generally complacent when it comes to food safety. Many believe they don’t have to worry because we have clean water, ample access to refrigeration, and government agencies that make sure our food isn’t contaminated. While the first two things may be true, government oversight of our food is woefully inadequate.  Unchecked foreign food enters our country every day, and as we become more dependent on foreign sources of food it is becoming nearly impossible to avoid. We need more funding for food inspections, but we don’t have to raise taxes to get it.

China Fears Its Own Food, Yet We Import It


China, like all countries, takes great pride in its Olympic athletes. They want their country to be represented by athletes who perform at the highest possible level. That is why, as part of their preparation for the 2012 Olympic Games in London, the Chinese Olympic Team is receiving a special supply of food to ensure their food safety. If China cannot even trust the food that they produce under their own food safety standards, it seems ridiculous that the United States is willing to import it.

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