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Is China Deliberately Poisoning Us?


It is no secret that foreign food sources can be problematic. Much foreign food comes from unsanitary environments and filthy processing plants. China is one of the worst offenders, both in the low quality of food they ship us, as well as the amount of toxic food that comes to our shores from them. One wonders whether this poisoning is through their incompetence due to lax standards, or whether it is part of their economic war on us.

We Can’t Expect China to Look out for Us


Apparently, China is beginning to take its own food safety a bit more seriously. According to Food Safety News, the Shanghai Food and Drug Administration has published a blacklist of individuals no longer permitted to work in the food industry there. These are lifetime bans. The individuals in question also received jail terms of a few years.

Foreign Food Is Making Us Sick and “Free Trade” Is the Biggest Culprit


Food safety is a grave concern facing our nation today. Few things could have more primacy than what we put into our bodies. It is therefore disheartening to note how much food we import each year, and how much of it comes in with the most cursory of inspections, or with no scrutiny at all.

We Need Greater Efficiency and Simplicity in Our Food Inspection

Overlap of government organizations is nothing new, but it is causing us undue difficulties with food contamination. Foods from foreign nations often are contaminated, creating a toxic food supply for our nation. The way we have divided the responsibility of inspecting our imported food may prevent us from fully resolving the issue.

We MUST Inspect Food Coming from Third-World Nations


In recent years, the United States has imported increasingly large amounts of its food. Fruits and vegetables are imported nearly one quarter of the time, while seafood is imported in more than nine of ten cases. This increase brings with it the usual job-killing effects, as Americans buy more from foreigners than they do from each other. However, the problem is even worse with food. In addition to the job-killing effect, this foreign food poses a danger to our health.

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