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Why Do We Tolerate America’s Massive Trade Deficits?


Our trade deficits keep rising, so far this year our trade deficit has already expanded by more than $5 billion over where it was around this year last time. Our trade deficit in goods for the second quarter was approximately $60 billion. This is a further sign of our economic woes.High unemployment and low worker participation are two more of the symptoms of our economic disease.

Where are Your Back-To-School Supplies From?


The beginning of the school year has finally come. Some parents are content to receive some relief and not have their kids home all day anymore. Others are having a hard time making ends meet with all of the back to school shopping that needs to get done. During this time, let’s remember that the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on school shopping go towards items not made in America. This just contributes to our trade deficit even more.

Our Massive Trade Deficits Are Killing the U.S. Economy

trade deficit

The United States’ trade deficit is a big problem. This is an ongoing issue with no end in sight as the solutions our politicians propose are actually the main problem. Exports are great, but not at the expense of a flood of job-killing imports. When we open up our borders through “free trade” we do far more harm than good.

Other Countries Ban Food Imports, Why Don’t We?


Food scandal after food scandal has come from China. It seems as if every year toxic food comes into our land from Asia. Tainted honey, contaminated beef, expired chicken and spoiled fish. All of this is due to our failed “free trade” policies and our membership with the World Trade Organization (WTO). We no longer can make our own decisions. When we attempt to take a step forward to better our nation, the WTO stops us.

Our Trade Deficits Are Destroying Our Economy


For almost four decades the U.S. has had a trade deficit with foreign nations. The U.S. trade deficit has caused millions of Americans to lose their jobs, it has devastated our manufacturing sector, and destroyed the American dream. In 2012, the U.S. bought $741 billion more goods than it sold.

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