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Our Trade Deficit Is Destroying Our Economy


In the last twelve years our trade deficit has averaged $625 billion a year. That translates to $1.2 million per minute, leaving the country in foreign hands. It comes back not to buy our merchandise because we don’t make anything that foreign countries want. Instead it comes back to buy us out.

In the last thirty years from 1978-2008 they have bought 16,613 of our best companies-it is now accelerating even faster. Our present weakened condition is the result of decades of bad policy. After World War II we were the strongest nation the world had ever seen, regularly running trade surpluses and providing good, factory employment for every American who wanted to work. Those days are long gone, and the culprit is “free trade.”

The Chinese Have a National Strategy, and That Is Why They Are Winning

china America

We Have None-Our Economy Is Sinking Fast

Our persistent balance-of-trade deficit has sent trillions of dollars out of the country into foreign hands. It is no surprise that these dollars are now coming back to buy us out. There is significant money to be made from the wealth-producing companies created by generations of American entrepreneurs, but with corporations and banks focusing on short-term profits, the game is being won by companies in other countries who can focus on long-term profitability.

A New Study Proves That We Are a Plutocracy


It’s no surprise to most Americans that the economy is struggling. Unless you are part of the corporate elite, things are not going well. Time and again we have been told by our leaders that they are working to help the middle class. But in reality our nation’s leaders are serving the one percent.

Detroit: From Luxury to Landfill

A documentary on the well known tale of the rise and fall of Detroit, as it pertains to the free trade market.

We Must Stop Fast Track From Ever Passing

fast track

New reports show that the U.S. trade deficit was $42.3 billion in February. Decades of failed “free trade” agreements have caused American manufacturing to leave our shores. Now we see President Obama pushing for passage of a new “free trade” agreement called the Trans Pacific Partnership(TPP). Though the mainstream media has kept silent on the TPP, we cannot afford to stay silent. Like previous “free trade” agreements, the TPP would be a disaster for our economy, our rights, our environment and would surrender our sovereignty to multinational corporations.

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