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Eight Ways “Free Trade” Is Destroying America


Instead of fair trade, America has turned to “free trade” as its dominant trading policy. This is like turning from milk to gasoline in your drinking policy. “Free trade” has taken America from the world’s superpower to a second-rate nation and it’s getting worse. Here are eight ways in which “free trade” is killing our economy.

Unemployment Is Fostered by Our Trade Deficit


While many politicians blame the lack of jobs on the federal budget deficit, it is actually America’s trade deficit that is the root of many of our problems. The U.S. is still millions of jobs behind where it was when the Great Recession started. The economy has been unable to create jobs due to America’s massive trade deficit caused by our failed economic policy.

Our Failed Trade Policies Have Destroyed Our Nation’s Economy


The Federal Reserve is set to end its economic stimulus program in October, bringing to an end the controversial five-year-old scheme. All of this is unnecessary as we should be focused on rebuilding our manufacturing strength rather than giving more money to the biggest banks.

We Must Get Our Politicians to Recognize the Simple Solutions to Our Problems


Our recent economic crisis has led us to wonder what our country is coming to. After decades of failed “free trade” policies, we are on unstable ground. The manufacturing base of our once-great economy has been sold off to foreign interests, who have in turn shipped the jobs overseas.

Detroit is America’s Future Under “Free Trade”


Our leaders are once again ignoring the poor economic state of the U.S. and the fact that more and more cities across the country are beginning to look a lot like Detroit because of our damaging “free trade” agreements. Upon visiting Detroit today, it can be difficult to imagine it was once the wealthiest city in America. Once the fourth largest city in the country, with a population of two million, Detroit is now nothing more than the poster-child for America’s deteriorating economy.

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