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Things are NOT Getting Better for American Workers


Any jobs America has added in recent months are no reason to be optimistic. The truth is the added jobs are overwhelmingly service-sector jobs—not the sort of thing one builds a strong economy with. The true wealth-producing jobs that America used to be famous for elude us still. This is why income inequality is so high, the good jobs have left our shores and we are left to a servant economy with servant jobs.

Look Around, Is America’s Economy Really Improving?


This recovery has been unlike every other recovery in history. It has been a very slow comeback in which people and businesses are still suffering from the recession. We keep hearing good news about our economy improving, but the fact is that the economy has only improved in certain areas while the others are still hurting significantly.  Alabama, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and more are still nowhere near to where they use to be before the recession. The truth is that the United State’s economy is unstable and in dire conditions.

NAFTA Took Our Jobs and May Even be Killing Our People


Looking back at the year 2013, 631 people became ill due to veggies and cilantro coming from Mexico. These veggies landed in grocery stores across the U.S. and onto our dinner plates infected with cyclospora. In addition, 84 people became ill due to cucumbers containing salmonella coming from Mexico. How is it possible that we aren’t filtering these vegetables out?

Detroit: From Luxury to Landfill

A documentary on the well known tale of the rise and fall of Detroit, as it pertains to the free trade market.

4 Reasons Why More Retail Jobs Won’t Help Our Economy

Unemployment Jobs

Many people seem to be happy with the fact that employers in the retail industry have kept the majority of the employees they originally hired for the holidays only. People think it is great that the jobless claims have decreased by 4,000 due to this. What people fail to realize, however, is that these jobs are part-time jobs at Walmart or Kmart probably paying only minimum wage with little or no benefits whatsoever. In fact, retail jobs and restaurant jobs don’t help the economy or Americans. They have crippled us by making the majority of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, or rely on government assistance. Here are four reasons why service sector jobs don’t help America and why we need more manufacturing jobs back.

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