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America’s Decline Mirrors the Decline of Manufacturing


The United States was once considered rich. We accumulated abundance throughout most of the twentieth century. We were a very productive country whose wealth, to a great extent, derived from manufacturing. Our companies invented and produced many of the things we needed and much of what the rest of the world consumed.

If Passed, The TPP Will Hit America Like a Tidal Wave


This week 153 representatives sent a letter to the U.S. Trade Representative last week, arguing for stricter standards for foreign countries in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a trade deal consisting of 12 countries including the United States, Japan, Vietnam, Brunei, and others.

The Economic Colonization of America by China


A fair trade relationship between countries is something to be desired. Each country can take advantage of its relative strengths and both countries grow economically. An unfair trade relationship, however, can be as destructive as the fair one is healthy, and can lead to the decline of a civilization. This latter case is precisely the malaise afflicting America. Just look at our relationship with China as an illustration.

Protectionism is a matter of self-survival


This article originally appeared on OpEdNews.com.

Back in 2005, I wrote an extensive series of articles on Wal-Mart and how one corporate giant was outsourcing anything and everything that American industry wouldn’t provide to them for resale at the prices they demanded. I opined that their actions were in essence “a national security risk” as we outsourced our light and heavy industry to other countries – especially to countries that were not necessarily “friends” of the United States. In fact, I wrote about the dangers of outsourcing before “WakeUpWalMart.com” even came into existence. I insisted that “the best price wasn’t always the best deal,” especially as to how it would eventually impact our own economy – and even more importantly, the impact on our national security. The article was titled “Wal-Mart – And the Destruction of our Economy.”-

The Crisis Is Not Over


Readers ask if the financial crisis is over, if the recovery is for real and, if not, what are Americans’ prospects. The short answer is that the financial crisis is not over, the recovery is not real, and the U.S. faces a far worse crisis than the financial one. Here is the situation as I understand it:

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