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Why Isn’t the Media Giving Bernie Sanders Any Coverage?

Bernie Sanders

Editor’s note: Economy In Crisis is a non-partition organization. We do not endorse any party or candidate. 

We are over a year away from the presidential elections and the 21 declared candidates haven’t failed to receive media coverage. All except a few like Bernie Sanders.

What Happened to the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) On Wednesday?


What happened Wednesday? It could all be a simple coincidence. But the fact that the New York Stock Exchange suspended trading after its computerized trading system stopped working, The Wall Street Journal’s website went down, the United Airlines had to ground all of it’s flights because of it’s computer system malfunctioning and a so called “Anonymous” account from Twitter tweeted the day before “Wonder if tomorrow is going to be bad for Wall Street… we can only hope.”

Senator Elizabeth Warren Calls Out President Obama

obama warren

Many thought President Obama would be the hope and change our country needed to see the middle class restored. Instead of following his campaign promises to renegotiate NAFTA, he has pushed for even more “free trade” agreements including KORUS, TPP and TTIP. Each of these trade agreements have caused our country to sink further into massive trade deficits, and have stripped well-paying manufacturing jobs from our shores.

McConnell’s Relationship With Wall Street Is A Serious Problem

mitch mcconnell

For nearly two decades our leaders have failed us in creating “free trade” agreements that have sold out the middle class, and destroyed our manufacturing base. We must hold those accountable who made and continue to strive to pass more of these agreements.

America’s Decline Mirrors the Decline of Manufacturing


The United States was once considered rich. We accumulated abundance throughout most of the twentieth century. We were a very productive country whose wealth, to a great extent, derived from manufacturing. Our companies invented and produced many of the things we needed and much of what the rest of the world consumed.

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