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Attention Legislators: Why Do We Need to Be in the WTO?

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Membership in the WTO is of no benefit to us—it actually does us great harm! It has damaged our economy and caused us to forfeit our sovereignty. The WTO now controls us, causing us to have no control over our own affairs. By signing the agreement with the World Trade Organization, the U.S. Congress agreed to concede a major portion of our sovereignty and usurp our democratic legislative process, including:

How Foreign Imports are Affecting Our Minds, Bodies, Jobs, and Economy


America is waking up to the fact that our food imports are not safe. People are becoming aware that 90 percent of our seafood is imported from other countries with the overwhelming majority coming from Asian countries. Not only does their seafood contain illegal antibiotics, they are essentially inedible because of the fish farm’s foul conditions.

Who is Really Benefiting from America’s Failures?


Every year we import more and more goods from China. We are buying over four times the number of goods from the Chinese as they buy from us. This has nothing to do with the fact that China recently became the largest economy in the world, it has to do with the fact that we have a broken system.

Mislabeled Imported Seafood Being Consumed


Seafood was once known as been a dietary must in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Doctors and experts would always state how important it was to eat two seafood meals a week in order to prevent common chronic diseases. Nowadays, seafood can nearly kill you. It’s not that the unique vitamins and fats in the seafood have changed—it’s that the seafood is contaminated with bacteria coming from polluted waters overseas.

6 Things the U.S. Gave Up by Joining the World Trade Organization


World Trade Organization (WTO) regulations created in the 1990s with regard to financial services still allow for the kind of trading and exchange that nearly destroyed the world banking system. And because the U.S. government submits to the will of the WTO, a potential challenge to laws from that body would force a reversal.

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