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All Americans Want For Christmas Is a Good Job

Jobless Christmas 2

The holiday season is upon us and many around the world are waiting for Christmas with excitement. For the nearly one in four children living in poverty, Christmas probably won’t come this year.  Many of these children live in homes where their parents are actively seeking full time employment but cannot find it. Around 49 million Americans are struggling just to fill their stomachs each day.

Just How “Healthy” Are the Fruits and Vegetables You Eat?

imported food

Have you been to the grocery store recently and bought fruits and vegetables that tasted bitter or maybe didn’t taste like anything at all? It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the “fresh” fruits and veggies we are buying taste different since we are not buying them during a harvesting season. However, what makes these so called “healthy” foods not healthy is the fact that they are being harvested in foreign countries while still green, put on a ship to ripen, and then dumped on our grocery store shelves. These fruits and veggies are picked so prematurely that even after their long journey across the sea, they still are not ready for consumption! Pair that with the fact that the Food and Drug Administration is underfunded and does not have the resources to inspect all of the food coming in, and we have a recipe for disaster.

Look Twice Before Buying Holiday Presents


In this gift-buying rush right before the holidays commence, the last thing on people’s minds is where their presents are coming from. Although we paint this beautiful illustration to our children of their presents coming from elves in the North Pole, the reality is that they are coming from China.

Wake Up! The American Economy is NOT Improving!


We have been hearing from mainstream news that the economy is sluggishly improving, but is it really? How could it be improving when foreclosures are at an all time high in New Jersey? How could it be getting better when American company Radio Shack is on the verge of selling out and desperately looking for capital? How could it be improving when American companies like Burger King strategically buy Canadian based Tim Horton’s in order to move its headquarters to Canada to avoid paying our high corporate tax rate? How can it possibly be getting better when the vast majority of the jobs in our country are now service industry jobs like flipping burgers. These jobs are acceptable for teenagers looking to make extra money, or seniors who are retired and looking for a little extra cash. However, they are inadequate for head of households looking to feed their families, pay for a mortgage, bills and gas. These jobs are not enough to pay back student loans for college graduates.

Mexican Vegetables Are Making Americans Ill


Americans must be very cautious when it comes to eating, even if it is food from a well established and well known restaurant. Toxic and cheap foreign foods are flooding our borders and making our fellow Americans ill. The sandwiches from the well known fast food chain Jimmy Johns have raised several red flags over the past year. In fact, a major E. coli outbreak occurred in October 2013 and a recently released investigation report traces back the bacteria to Jimmy Johns cucumbers imported from Mexico.

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