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The WTO Was a Mistake and It’s Time to Get Out NOW!

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Even though we cannot see it, the invisible hand of the World Trade Organization (WTO) impacts all aspects of American society. Unlike America however, it is not a democratic organization. All of its meetings are secret. This non-transparent organization is comprised of 159 nations and restricts America’s capacity to act in its own best interest as other member nations use the WTO’s judiciary body to change American laws and bypass American courts.

Darkness at the End of the Tunnel


We are being controlled and directed – told what to do – by other nations, for their benefit and to our detriment. Our direction in so-called “free trade” is not just hurting us – it is destroying us. One look at our condition and direction will clearly show we are in a mode of self destruction. When will we wake up to the realization that some of the agreements we have signed, most specifically NAFTA, KORUS and our agreement with the WTO, are preventing us from doing what is in our best interest? 

We Need Inspections for Our Food, and We Need to Know Where It Comes From


Could your favorite seafood dish be dangerous to your health? You may be surprised to hear that 80% of the seafood we eat is imported and most of it comes from nations with lower food safety standards than the U.S. With toxic chemicals being poured into rivers in Vietnam, for example, this poses serious health risks.

The WTO Now Controls Our Economy, Fate and Future


All our decisions regarding trade must be supervised and approved by this foreign undemocratic body – often to our detriment. This is why we can no longer do what is in our best interest and are forced to concede to their demands. Most decisions made by the WTO are unjustifiably made to our detriment.

Why America Must Leave the WTO Now


After World War II, America was on the rise. The Axis powers of Germany, Italy and Japan were defeated. It was time to rebuild. To tighten ties with our allies and help rebuild Europe, new global organizations were created to unite against the perceived next threat to democracy: communism. Thus were the Bretton Woods institutions, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, born.

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