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America’s Economic Descent into Colonial Status


No country or civilization has ever risen to such wealth and power to have receded so quickly to stagnation, dependency and indebtedness. The reason is twofold: our disastrous “free trade” agreements and our membership in the World Trade Organization (WTO).

3 Major Issues That Are Harming America

Congress Capitol

There are three major issues that are stopping us from controlling our own country. These issues have usurped our constitution and have stripped us of our sovereignty. When is enough going to be enough?

An Unbelievable Amount of Counterfeit Goods Come from China

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Nearly everything in a tech store has a label “Made in China” on it. In fact, it is almost difficult to find something that isn’t made in China. Not only has this flood of goods from China put our companies out of business, but they are hurting, even killing people. Counterfeit high end bikes, wheels, and helmets from China are putting people’s life in grave danger.

China and America: The Most Toxic Relationship

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The country of China has found a loophole is the World Trade Organization (WTO) laws and has once again found a way to one-up America. The communist country has created a law that allows them to ban any foreign imports and pushing out U.S. technology companies from China. This is just more evidence that the WTO is completely flawed and our relationship with China needs to reevaluated.

6 Things the U.S. Gave Up by Joining the World Trade Organization


World Trade Organization (WTO) regulations created in the 1990s with regard to financial services still allow for the kind of trading and exchange that nearly destroyed the world banking system. And because the U.S. government submits to the will of the WTO, a potential challenge to laws from that body would force a reversal.

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