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What Our Membership in the WTO Has Done to the U.S.


Since our membership with the World Trade Organization (WTO), we have essentially lost our sovereignty. Dozens of laws that we have passed to benefit American citizens have been struck down by the WTO courts. The have deemed them “unfair” to other countries and multinational corporations. Who is the WTO to tell us how to run our own country? All of our federal, state and local laws, and practices that affect trade are to be reviewed by the WTO now. This isn’t right! It’s unconscionable! What happens to other countries is none of our business, we need to protect our citizens and our economy.

The WTO Is Destroying American Sovereignty


The World Trade Organization (WTO) is a biased, undemocratic organization of 160 nations that limits America’s ability to act in its own best interest. The corporate agenda of the organization has destroyed the American economy, allowing multinationalists to exploit the world’s cheap resources and put America out of work and out of business.

American Manufacturing Just Can’t Compete


Our “free trade” policies have allowed other countries to use unfair tactics to put our industries out of business. Theoretically these nations are committed to opening their markets to our goods – but they are not as foolish as we are to allow that to happen in an uncontrolled way.

3 Major Issues That Are Harming America

Congress Capitol

There are three major issues that are stopping us from controlling our own country. These issues have usurped our constitution and have stripped us of our sovereignty. When is enough going to be enough?

Looking Forward to 2016: New Years Resolutions For Our Nation

new years

2015 will not be remembered as a great year in American history. The last several years have been bad, but will 2016 be the year that breaks America’s back?

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