Tell Congress We’ve Had Enough!


Our Free Trade Agreements like NAFTA, CAFTA and the Korean – FTA (KORUS) are Destroying the U.S. Economy!

Today, we can no longer produce enough for ourselves. We are living on ever-increasing imports and debt. Our trade deficit from 2001-2012 combined is nearly $8 trillion and our national debt is now over $16 trillion.

Most of our economic woes can be blamed on one contributing factor: so-called “free trade.” Free trade should more accurately be called “freedom for other countries to undercut and destroy American domestic production,” because in practice that is what is happening.

Why are we killing ourselves? The little wealth created by the few remaining American companies is, for the most part, generated by outsourcing our manufacturing. Products are produced in other countries. We make almost nothing in America anymore.

Presently, the competition is stacked between American workers and their counterparts in China – we cannot compete against laborers working for pennies per hour. With Boeing’s technology in the hands of the Chinese government, it won’t be long before China emulates Boeing’s products and has its companies looking to put Boeing out of business, like our present system allowed foreign companies to put our whole TV manufacturing industry out of business.

America is no longer able to compete economically on the world stage. Our nation has gradually allowed Japan, nations in the European Union and emerging economies in China, India and Brazil to overtake the U.S. as the world’s lone economic superpower. Eventually, if all remains the same, “free” trade will be responsible for America’s complete and total economic downfall. The nation is already well on its way, and without major changes to our economic policy, we will certainly find ourselves in the economic gutter.

America must wise up and start fighting back. So-called “free trade” lets other nations buy us out or put us out of business. We are not on a level playing field, and until we are there is no chance of fair competition.

We need to write our members of congress and tell them to say “No!” to all the “free” trade deals like NAFTA, CAFTA, the KORUS FTA and others that are not in America’s best interest, and to put an end to existing trade deals that are destroying our economy and the American way of life.

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