The Corporate Takeover Of America


Wake up America! While our leaders in Washington and mainstream media work tirelessly to distract us from the economic problems facing our country, they’re simultaneously handing over alarming amounts of control over key areas of our society to greedy corporations!

One of the biggest culprits behind this corporate takeover of America is an organization known as the American Legislative Exchange Council, more commonly known as ALEC. The corporations who make up ALEC’s board of directors — and thus the corporations who are leading the charge on America’s corporate takeover — are:

  • Coca-Cola
  • CenterPoint 360 (a lobbying group that seems to have started with the tobacco companies)
  • Energy Future Holdings (a Texas electricity generator)
  • Peabody Energy (coal)
  • Pfizer
  • PhRMA (lobbyist for pharmaceutical companies)
  • Reed Elsevier (publishing)
  • Reynolds American (tobacco)
  • Salt River Project (electric power utility, Arizona)
  • State Farm Insurance
  • UPS
  • Wal-Mart

ALEC is an extremely dangerous group and a prime example of how corporations are usurping power from We the People and shaping the country into how they want it. They are able to accomplish this because, through ALEC, corporations are able to affect changes to legislation. They hand state legislators the changes they want to improve the bottom line of their corporation.

Why do legislators allow this? Because many are members of ALEC as well! Our politicians and corporations are in this together. They want to destroy our democracy and exchange it for a corporatocracy, including our President. Why else would President Obama be so supportive of two of the latest “free trade” agreements — the TPP and TAFTA — that will benefit corporations and chip away even more freedoms from the American people?

Because both the TPP and TAFTA aim to cater specifically to corporations and will encompass so many countries, some are even suggesting that the world is headed towards a sort of one world government, with corporations in control.

Some economists say that the TPP will implement rules and restrictions on everything from financial regulation, service-sector regulation, labor and environmental standards, investment, government procurement, patents and copyrights, labor and environmental standards, and trade in industrial goods and agriculture.

TAFTA will pose threats to food safety, climate change policy, family farmers, internet freedom, workers’ rights, access to medicines, financial regulation and other critical public interest objectives.

Neither one of these agreements will be passed into law for the benefit of the average American, no matter what the mainstream media tells you to convince you otherwise. Instead, both of these agreements, like with FTAs in the past, will benefit large corporations and the wealthy 1 percent crowd — of which President Obama and many other government officials are a part of.

Wake up America! Now is the time to demand an end to this corporate take-over!

Contact your Congressional representative and urge them not to support and “free trade” agreement that will give more power to corporations! Send this to five of your friends and have them do the same.

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