The End of America As We Know It If We Continue to Operate Under Misleading “Free Trade” Policies – It is Inevitable!


“Free trade” policies have made the United States nearly unrecognizable, and have forced us to survive on imports and debt. We are now incapable of producing enough for ourselves and are at the mercy of other nations. Due to “free trade,” it has taken less than two decades for us to decline from superpower status to our recent weak and unproductive condition.

The facts show that this is not just guessing, it is happening right now! “Free trade” forces us to be uncompetitive and jobless, which has spawned the following conditions:

  • We have been losing an average of 14 factories every day due to factors like “free trade,” which permits other countries to freely engage in predatory mercantilist trade practices that produce products for as little as $2 to $4 an hour and ship them to America tariff- and duty-free
  • Many of America’s cities are now so crime-ridden due to the lack of supportable jobs that you can’t safely walk the streets in these formerly great American cities. Just look at Detroit, the south side of Chicago, or East St. Louis for examples
  • Despite what the inaccurate government statistics may say, according to Shadow Government Statistics, the real unemployment rate in this country is not the 6.7% published by the government. It is actually now nearly 23% when you include the long-term unemployed who have been out of work for over a year but are taken off the government employment rolls and not counted as unemployed. That means nearly a quarter of all Americans who want to work cannot find jobs to support themselves and their families
  • With such a high unemployment rate it should come as no surprise that nearly one in four American families has no net worth, or a negative net worth, due to debt

Some people try to claim Americans just have to be willing to work for less, but we will never fix these problems by working for the low wages that would be necessary for us to compete under “free trade.”

Workers in many of our competitor nations toil in factories for $2 to $4 per hour. To work for those wage rates in the United States would be ridiculous. Many couldn’t even cover the cost of getting to work, let alone feeding their families on that income.

We have seen that our “free trade” policies have left our country in shambles, yet our politicians continue to push new counter-productive agreements on us, such as the present secretly negotiated Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) now taking place.

How many disasters like this will it take before our politicians stop destroying this country with these calamitous agreements? How long until people realize that our political leaders are working for their campaign contributors who fund their elections rather than for the voters who elect them?

Our government has become shockingly ineffective. In other countries when things get this bad they hold a vote of no confidence. We have no such system here. Our electoral system is supposed to act to get ineffective politicians out of our government, but in actuality it ensures that we will only get politicians who are loyal to the lobbies and big donors and not to their electorate.

The people don’t want these foolish “free trade” agreements, but lobbyists do. These lobbyists who work for multinational corporations, Super PACs and other monied interests are the ones that control the agenda in Washington DC and determine our laws. These interests spend selectively on candidates for office to ensure that those who will do their bidding are the ones who stay in office.

This system is not working. It needs to be completely overhauled so that Washington represents the American people once again. If something isn’t done immediately, it will be the end of America as we know it.

Show this article to your Congressional representative and ask them what can be done!

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