The Numbers Don’t Add Up – Things are Not Getting Any Better for Americans


Quick – how many of the gifts you purchased this holiday season were made in America? All of them? Some? At least one thing? Most likely none of them were made here by U.S. workers. This is why main street is still in a recession while Wall Street touts economic recovery for the nation as a whole. While news sources claim the U.S. is showing signs of improvement, the statistics aren’t painting an accurate picture. In actuality, the United States is not producing much at all–all those new low-wage jobs aren’t creating or sustaining wealth for the nation.

We have become a nation of assemblers. The parts are manufactured abroad and shipped to the U.S. for final assembly. American workers snap parts together, like children playing with LEGO blocks, without the critical know-how required to actually manufacture the components. The profits then return overseas, leaving the U.S. to be the equivalent of a dead and dependent third world economy.

A good example of this is Indiana, where the Indiana Chamber of Commerce is happy to report that hundreds of thousands of workers are employed by Japanese companies all over the state. Although these companies are employing Indiana workers, they are foreign-owned American-registered corporations that are replacing American-owned companies. They do not supply the workers with skills or critical know-how; they simply provide the workers with the components and final assembly jobs.

Foreign owned companies operating in America control the jobs, and the technology and profits reside with them.

These jobs are not beneficial to the U.S. While some people may believe having these factories in the U.S. is a win-win since they are giving Americans jobs, the situation is actually a win-loss, with Americans suffering the loss. We are losing our superpower status for a few assembly jobs that are making our competitors wealthy.

The U.S. is no longer a strong, wealth producing, independent nation. To regain our superpower status we must produce American jobs, in American-owned factories producing our own components for those jobs, and we must create and keep the technology. We need to work for ourselves and for our benefit.

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