The TPP Leaked Chapter on the Environment is Toothless Rhetoric


Our economy is sputtering, unemployment remains high, and our elected representatives in Congress are the least effective they have been in decades. President Obama wants to add to all of that though by pushing forward the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

The TPP is a “free trade” agreement which consists of about a dozen countries in the Pacific region including the U.S., Canada, Japan and Vietnam. South Korea and Taiwan have also expressed interest in the agreement.

The lie told by those pushing this agreement is that it will strengthen our economy and add jobs, but we have seen that same lie perpetuated time and again. We were told that NAFTA and KORUS would add jobs, but instead they have significantly increased our trade deficit with the respective partner nations.

President Obama and multinational corporations are trying to sell the American people on the newly proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) which is being put together not by our elected leaders, but by a group of 600 paid lobbyists. Their highest priority is corporate profits, not the lives of Americans or the environment. According to leaked documents, they are taking the worst aspects of our old agreements and applying them to even more competitor countries, although we can’t see the whole picture because it is being done secretly.

Because the TPP aims to cater specifically to corporations and will encompass so many countries, some are even suggesting we are headed towards a sort of one-world government, with large multinational corporations in control.

The TPP would have a disastrous effect on the environment, Intellectual Property rights, pharmaceuticals, and internet neutrality. According to some groups its effect on our environment and Intellectual Property rights could be devastating.

The biggest problem most environmental organizations see is that the TPP enumerates good policies without having any way of enforcing them. So while well-paying American jobs leave our shores for countries such as Vietnam, there will be no guarantee they won’t pollute the air or water, using toxic substances on the food we eat or increasing emissions to produce those goods.

This is because Corporate lobbyists have been participants in the negotiating process, having first-hand access to the TPP behind closed doors.

Those pushing the TPP promised that it would have real solutions to protect the environment, but then the lobbyists took charge. So in the end, the environmental language will be nothing more than what some are calling a “toothless PR exercise.” It is meant to appease the detractors but has no real way to ensure its standards be met.

The TPP would have disastrous affects on our economy, allowing our jobs to be sold overseas to the lowest bidder. We must act now to stop the TPP and protect our nation from it’s disastrous affects.

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