The United States of Plutocracy


Through wise trade policy, the United States grew to be the wealthiest nation that had ever existed. Yet in recent years, we have not produced much; we have had to live off the accumulated capital of previous generations. As much good as all that productivity has done us, however, when manage in the wrong way, it can actually cause as much, or even more, harm than good.

When America was a manufacturing powerhouse, a lot of private fortunes were created. This is all well and good; it’s to be expected when that much wealth is being generated. The problem is that we lost sight of what that wealth is for. It should be for saving and investment to make tomorrow even better than today. It’s for a million and one things other than what it is so often used for today: politics.

Money and politics make for rotten bed fellows. When production earns money, that money can be put right back into the economy by making a purchase of some other good. It closes the loop, in a sense, or completes the process. Money starts the process and finishes it, and it works well in a market, a system designed to be about money. Politics is not supposed to be a way to generate money; politics is simply supposed to determine the fairest way to manage our economy. The introduction of money into a system not designed to handle it corrupts the process.

When the Supreme Court issued its Citizens United ruling, it allowed for a flood of money to take control of the system and corrupt it. And that brings us back to the private fortunes mentioned earlier.

When wealth is permitted to control the political process, the wealthy can bend the rules to their liking. When this happens, the honest industrialist becomes a corrupt money grubber.  Rules and regulations are created to allow the rich to make even more money and make rivals uncompetitive. This greater wealth bestows even greater power in the political process. The system becomes a plutocracy and is self-reinforcing, and that’s where we find ourselves in the America of today.

The only way to break out of such a system is for We the People to awake and arise. Our leaders need to know we will not stand for the creeping corruption we see all around us. Call your representative today and tell them you have had enough of plutocracy. Send this article to five of your friends, and have them do the same.

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