The Unsung Republican Candidate

Buddy Roemer

While each candidate has his or her own take on the issues, the fact that they are backed by special interest groups may make it hard for them to represent the best interests of voting citizens. If Americans want real reform they should take a look at the candidate the Super PACs and special interest groups don’t want them to see – Buddy Roemer.

Employment with Fair Trade Over Job-Killing “Free” Trade

While he has not been invited to the debates, his website makes his stance on the issues clear. Some might even wonder if the things he stands for are the very reason he has not been absent from the debates. One thing Americans are not hearing from politicians is how they can create real and lasting employment for hardworking Americans. This is an issue Roemer gets as he understands our lack of jobs is due to our erroneous “free” trade agreements. Buddy has stated, “Part of the plan to restore jobs in the American industrial sector is the idea that trade must be fair first, rather than free, and that in order to address America’s massive trade deficit we must correct the advantages other producing nations gain by avoiding America’s health, safety and environmental standards.”

Free trade puts American workers in direct competition with cheap foreign labor with no workers rights, environmental regulations or any of the other standards. Buddy understands this and wants to restore the pride this nation used to have in regard to buying goods with the “Made in the USA” label on them. He is even willing to give tax breaks and incentives to companies that buy American over cheaply made foreign products.

Many Americans are waking up to the fact that so-called “free” trade is killing American jobs. Trade agreements like NAFTA puts American workers in direct competition with Mexican workers earning $3 an our. The WTO rules in favor of nations 9 out 0f ever 10 disputes brought against the United States. This has taken control of our trade policies out of our government’s hands and placed it directly in the hands of a foreign entity. Buddy Roemer sees this problem and wants to hit it head on by getting the United States out of the WTO and out of our failed trade agreements.

Super PACs and Special Interests

Contrary to the will of special interests, Buddy wants to see Washington reform that includes full disclosure of campaign contributions, 48 hour electronic reporting of campaign contributions, the elimination of the Super PACs that keep the GOP’s top contenders at the top, limiting PAC donations to same amount of money that individuals can contribute, prohibiting lobbyists from participating in fundraisers, and imposing criminal penalties on those that violate the rules of campaign finance.

These changes seem to be what most Republican voters are looking for, but without a Super PAC to fund him, Roemer is unable to throw the millions of dollars the big spenders like Romney, Perry and even Ron Paul shell out on publicity. And Americans cannot expect those taking money from special interest groups to protect citizens from those very same special interest groups.

Ending America’s Dependence on Foreign Oil

Buddy also wants to end corporate welfare. Corporations are big spenders when it comes to campaign contributions. While big oil companies no longer need government money to survive, since they earn billions in profits selling overpriced gasoline and oil to consumers, they are willing to shell out large amounts of campaign money to ensure the politicians that will push their agendas are elected. This type of behavior only fuels America’s dependence on foreign oil – a dependence that costs the nation hundreds of billions of dollars every year.

Renewable energy is the future and countries like China are beating us at our own game. Roemer wants to fight our foreign energy dependence before our foreign oil debt becomes our foreign energy debt. He understands the importance and value of looking at energy solutions and letting each compete fairly to replace foreign oil. Though he wants to end subsidies for these fledgling industries, he does still understand the need to promote them.

Solutions for Banking and Finance

Buddy is also one of the few candidates with a doable plan for ensuring the banking bubble that damaged the American economy doesn’t happen again. He understands that too big to fail means too big to exist. He also wants to bring back the Glass-Steagall laws that protected Americans from financial gambling for decades.

Buddy Roemer is not without his failings. However, he does appear to be the GOP’s unsung hero with the answers Republican voters are looking for. Due to the high price tag to get on the South Carolina ballot, Buddy’s campaign skipped the state, moving on to Michigan and Florida. Republican voters still seem to be looking for an alternative to Mitt Romney. As the other candidates drop out, the voters should start taking a closer look at Buddy.

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