U.S. middle class disappearing into abyss?

4 Responses to U.S. middle class disappearing into abyss?

  1. BIGuru says:

    It is a mess Here and in Europe. Just little stuff creates big mess. I have a friend with paid Business class on Delta that they try to push him to Economy class in Paris.

    They all create more issues for abyss…

  2. BIGuru says:

    Looks like RT America deleted my solution comment. Now we know, people are playing politics and hence nothing good will come out of the process…The posting was…

    U.S. middle class disappearing into abyss?

    SOLUTION: Use Advanced Industrial Ecosystems….then you are back…

    (Send a letter to the President, who knows this system, on January 2015 and suggest they use it adding the video link, since they have the Documents and trying to do that in Africa…without using the Architect….It is one of those issues…It is like getting a Text Book on Brain Surgery and giving it to the Economist to do the Brain Surgery…)

    If you do not send a letter, nothing will happen…and a lot of people will be in the abyss including some of your relatives and friends…guaranteed…

    Advanced Industrial Ecosystems – Convergence of Human Science and Arts in fields including physical, chemical, mathematical, computational, engineering, and social sciences with key strategies to tackle complex challenges and achieve new and innovative solutions to provide the best long term Ecosystems for Mankind.

  3. BIGuru says:

    It is end of January 2015 and the President is pushing small Nuclear Power under severe Climate Change to India…so you know, not much can happen soon…

  4. Clyde B says:

    I realize he or she would be putting their grant money in jeopardy, but it would be a tremendous help if some competent scientist would step up and clarify the facts of climate change for the president and others. This hysteria being generated by the grant money crowd is seriously hampering progress by the constant litany of global warming rubbish.

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