U.S. National Intelligence Council – Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds


The National Intelligence Council has released an in-depth report on what the world will look like in 2030. This report, containing opinions from experts and analysts from over 20 different nations, covers topics such as military deployment, energy, and the world balance of power.

The report concludes that “one billion workers from developing countries will be added to the global labor pool, putting additional pressure on low-skilled labor.” One billion people in a world of 8.1 billion–it is no wonder the report also concludes that the remaining middle class will not feel secure about their place in the world economy.

We’ve already seen this here in the U.S. “Free trade” forces American workers to compete against $4-per-hour wages in other countries–an unfair fight that we cannot win. Jobs leave our shores. That lack of jobs is what led many to the Occupy Wall Street movement: to fight for real jobs that offer real wages.

With 85 percent of items sold in Walmart being made in Asia–and 80 percent of those Asian-manufactured goods coming from China–it is also no wonder the report concludes that “Asia is set to surpass North America and Europe in global economic power.” The report predicts that China will have an economy 140 percent larger than that of Japan. These shifts would give China the potential to replace the United States as the world’s international leader.

The chart below shows the potential rise of China and India, compared to the rise of the United States.

We need to make changes now to prevent the loss of even more jobs and wealth. Overspending on things we do not need–to the point of going into debt with competing nations like China–are our downfall. Only through fair trade can we regain our former super power status. To do that, we must eliminate the so-called “free trade” agreements that have put us in this disastrous direction.

Sign the petition to tell President Obama to get us out of the WTO–immediately!

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