US streets full of formerly middle class

4 Responses to US streets full of formerly middle class

  1. BIGuru says:

    We see them even in small towns. Yet no one wants to send a Twitter to the President to implement Advanced Industrial Ecosystems….some time I wonder…what is wrong with people?

  2. Please o please do not overlook Elder Financial Abuse! I won my recent case, was awarded $150,000 and the mega rich defendant declared bankruptcy and later sued me for $50,000,000 for damaging his reputation. I am disabled and only regular income is SS. Revolting.

    • BIGuru says:

      No one knows these sort of items. It is a hidden system. It was good, when people made decent money and gave them away…through hook or crook…but now it is a real mess. That is why the GNP of USA is way up there (that includes QE type set up) controlled by top 1%.

      That is why, we need to send a Twitter to the President to implement Advanced Industrial Ecosystems (AIE)…need I say more…to keep those people out of our society…It wont happen if people do not go for it…

      In the same line, media is pushing for the oil prices to go up….imagine that. Western Hemisphere is going down and they want to raise oil price….again it is a mess only AIE can support that included everything from EIC.

  3. BIGuru says:

    New item: There are several reasons our President did not go for Advanced Industrial Ecosystems (AIE). We offered Nuclear system to (kill) India which may or may not happen and but our project on Natural gas did not happen. Second, our President is pushing TPP as a basis of our Industrial Growth using rule of law rather than actual Industry. That would not go anywhere. On top of that, Lawyers are at our top government/representative while Engineers are in China. So, our solution is writing Laws to develop Industry, as if we are still barbarians. That just does not work. Think about TPP. Yet no one is talking about AIE just as a start. In the mean time, our money circulation is at an all time high without additional Industry. So, how far can we go? I think, we will get in to serious trouble within two years.

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