This is no idle comment; in the past 18 years China has accumulated a $3.2 trillion reserve of cash through their balance of trade surplus with the U.S. at the yearly average rate of $250 billion and rising. Last year it was higher at $295 billion. China is now starting to cash in this money by buying America’s most strategic companies.

We can’t stop these sales from taking place since most of our best companies are for sale on the open stock market. Other countries, like China, would never let their companies be sold to foreign interests. China’s state capitalism wouldn’t permit it. Conversely, the U.S. sold 16,613 of its best companies to foreign interests in the last 30 years alone.

Most recently, AMC Theatres, with over 5,000 movie screens, was sold to China for $2.6 billion. China said they wanted to inculcate their culture into our hearts and minds, but of equal insidious significance they could propagandize our children with “training films”, programing them with great negative effect.

2012 is on pace to be a record year for Chinese acquisitions of U.S. companies, and the communist country is starting to buy many companies in crucial industries such as utilities, airplane manufacturing and in others. Very soon we may no longer own the facilities needed to manufacture our most basic daily necessities.

China is accomplishing what England failed to do in 1776.  England failed because we defeated them in a military war. China is now destroying our economy and country in a planned economic war without firing a shot. The U.S. was unaware of this war and oblivious to its effects, so there has been no planned defense.

We would fight to the death in a military war, but we are not fighting back in this silent economic war, even though the consequences are the same as defeat in a military war. A walk through devastated cities like Detroit, Stockton California, much of St. Louis or many others would illustrate the havoc this war has caused, even though no bombs have exploded.

China runs their economy in a war-like fashion to destroy competition. Their goals have been accomplished and catalyzed through our insufficient protective measures. Thanks to our membership in the WTO, which supervises our international trade agreements, we have removed the economic protective mechanisms that we formerly used to prevent predatory mercantilist practices from being launched on us by competing countries.

Most of our successful presidents have used protectionist measures including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan, to name a few. We should be following their example by doing what is needed to keep our industries competitive. China sells us unlimited amounts of goods produced at production costs of $2 to $3 per hour. We obviously can’t compete with these wage rates so we are forced to outsource a large percentage of our manufacturing to China. This puts a huge percentage of our formerly productive workers out of work, causing many of our great companies to close up, sell out, or go bankrupt.

Additionally, “free trade” provides our other competitor countries with unrestricted and uncontrolled access to our economy to sell products below our cost, tariff and duty free destroying our economy, leaving it unprotected and unable to compete.  Agreements like NAFTA (The North American “Free Trade” Agreement), signed 18 years ago, and the most recent and MOST DESTRUCTIVE Korean “Free Trade” Agreement (KORUS) have created conditions that have totally destroyed our ability to compete. Our economy and our country are being completely dismantled; one doesn’t have to look very far to see this.

Our weakened condition is becoming permanent and irreversible thanks to our membership in the WTO (World Trade Organization), which has taken away our ability to supervise these agreements or set tariffs large enough to offset the damage done to us through “free trade”. There are 157 foreign countries in the WTO and the U.S. has only one vote. Unbeknownst to most us, including our present legislators, by joining the WTO we accepted their governing charter which regrettably usurped our Constitution in matters relating to international trade.  Most of the important decisions emanating from their judicial proceedings are decided unfairly and unfavorably against us and are uncontestable.

This is a wake-up call!  If we want to control our own fate, we must immediately withdraw from the WTO, cancel all “free trade” agreements and react defensively and offensively to these extreme economic wartime conditions forced upon us by China so we can once again manage and control our own country and our own affairs (which we are not and cannot do now).

Take this article, gather as many friends and relatives as you can, and together visit your congressional representative. Ask them how we can reverse these conditions and save our country from this ignominious Chinese economic defeat and take our country back.

Please contact Economy In Crisis at 614-210-7255 or at to share your ideas and feedback.

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