War Declared Against America!

crime scene

War has been declared against America: an economic war that has destroyed a major part of our economy. Unfortunately, since Americans were unaware of this war, there has been no public outcry for either protective or aggressive measures. We have opened our shores and our markets with “free trade,” a consistently proven disaster in the real-life context of the modern international economy. Our “free trade” policies have succeeded in doing nothing more than allowing foreign countries to disarm the United States of our industries through predatory pricing, dumping and buyouts.

China, Japan and Germany operate their economies like they are fighting a war to destroy the competition (America). We have sat back and let these nations economically battle us undeterred. One look at the shattered condition of our economy and one can clearly see our economic demise. For all intents and purposes, they have won!

Our services surplus is shrinking, and the rate at which we are spending less on domestically produced goods and more on foreign produced goods is increasing. How can we hope to sustain this course? To dictate our own standard of living, our own national defense, and create opportunities for our citizens, we must control domestic factors of production. A dollar’s worth of foreign goods does not equal a dollar’s worth of domestic service. The jobs, profits, taxes, innovation and protection need to reside here – where our citizens live and work.

Americans are now serving the various whims of those foreigners who have essentially become our landlords, bankers, producers, and employers. We have assumed the role of the naïve prisoner, playing our part in a play whose script is strictly dominated by a small percentage of the country, a percentage whose strategy repeatedly enriches the welfare and standard of living for foreigners while the rest accumulate massive liabilities, bleak prospects, and ultimately the very same loss of liberty at stake in the popular depiction of game theory, the prisoner’s dilemma.

We are quickly becoming a country not of makers, but of serfs, subservient to our foreign masters. We are failing quickly, but must no longer do so quietly!

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