We Must Avoid A Military Strike Against Syria!

No Intervention in Syria

It’s been all over the news — what to do about Syria? President Obama is currently trying to gather support for launching a strike on Syria as a punishment for the Syrian government allegedly using chemical weapons. However, punishment alone is not enough reason to go to war. What will we be left with? More debt?

Our track record with Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia should be disastrous examples enough of why not to rush into Syria. Our intervention in Iraq alone has destroyed the country and left it unmanageable, chaotic and vulnerable to outside influences. On top of that, millions of Iraqi citizens have been killed or displaced. The same has happened in Afghanistan. Who’s to say that the outcome in Syria would be any different?

Then there’s the fact that many thousands of American soldiers have been killed, crippled, or incapacitated. We must think like qualified, experienced leaders — of which we have none — instead of just shooting from the hip for the wrong reasons and end up mistakenly shooting ourselves in the foot.

Our leaders must not be allowed to strike against Syria. It would only result in more debt and loss of U.S. and Syrian life. Also, because Russia and China have stated their support for the Syrian government, we would also be at odds with Russia and China, something that must not be allowed to happen or else we risk seeing another situation similar to what we experienced during the Cold War!

As far as congressional support for a military strike against the Syrian government, many Republicans and Democrats are not in favor of President Obama’s plan, and rightly so. The U.S. simply cannot afford another war. Wars are expensive. After all, we’re STILL paying for the Bush wars!

We cannot continue to spend money we don’t have. We need to focus on fixing our own problems before we even attempt to offer aid to another country. We need to start thinking about the future economic prosperity of this great nation. We’re already drowning in debt. Another war could sink us.

Contact your congressional representative and urge them not to support a military strike against Syria. Send this to five of your friends and have them do the same!

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