America is Headed in the Wrong Direction


We can no longer support ourselves

We are Unproductive, Heavily Indebted and Dependent on Imports to Survive and Function

Recent government statistics claim that the official unemployment number is 7.6 percent, but the real unemployment rate in America is approximately 23 percent.

Luckily we have economists other than those employed by the government looking at the statistics and figuring out the real state of our economy. One of these is John Williams of Shadow Stats, who uses true, rather than contrived government data to produce more accurate assessments of the U.S. economy.  While the government may report 7.6 percent unemployment, that number is fairly useless. It does not include the workers who have become discouraged and stopped looking for work, or those who are severely underemployed. By combing through the statistics and including many of these workers, Williams concluded that the true unemployment rate is 23%, meaning that more than 1 in 5 Americans are out of work. This is a shockingly large difference from the figure so often reported.

While some Americans are suffering and struggling to make ends meet, many of us are not grasping how serious this situation has become. This is partly because our social safety net is still intact. This is not guaranteed in the future, and we may soon be unable to afford things such as unemployment insurance, food stamps, welfare, and Social Security. We are presently funding these things through debt as our economy is not productive enough to pay for them. If or when our foreign loans are recalled our safety net collapses we will see the full horror of what our economy has become. Desperate individuals will fill the streets if we do not do something to stave off this pending disaster.

This safety net was never intended to support this many people. Our politicians have failed us by letting our economy fall into a state where those who want to work  have no place to find work. We need to get people back to work and shore up our finances so that we can maintain a stable and prosperous country.

These are the things we must do:

  • We must immediately end our involvement in wars around the world. Some may say this looks bad, but these wars are costing us both lives and money. We need to cut our losses and get out NOW!
  • We must get out of the WTO and all “free trade” agreements so that we can manage our economy again, free from unfair foreign competition. This will allow us to rebuild our economy, put people back to work, and put the social safety net back on solid ground.
  • We must restore America’s infrastructure to become the best in the world. We can do this through public works programs like the CCC (Civilian Conversation Corps) and Tennessee Valley Authority once did. We need to replace our crumbling infrastructure with  the best infrastructure so we can compete in the 21st century, building it will put people back to work and enhance our productive capabilities.

Unfortunately our priorities are all distorted. Lobbyists control our government, even going so far as to write the laws our Congress passes. Multinational corporations are effectively buying their way into our government, ensuring that they profit while the American people pay the price.

We MUST realize how dire our situation is and take steps to correct it immediately or America will become unrecognizable in as short a time as 2 to 3 years.

Please take this letter to your Congressional Representative and ask them what they will do to enact these solutions.

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