We Must Stop Relying On Foreign Imports


We no longer manufacture what we need to sustain ourselves! Instead we rely on imports and absurd amounts of debt to sustain our standard of living. Our leaders have fallen into the bad habit of selling off our most valuable assets and profitable companies to overseas interests.

Another concern lies in the failure of the United States to acknowledge the dangerous impacts of “free trade” agreements and the trade practices of other nations that undermine U.S. industry. Our leaders encourage U.S. manufacturers to outsource and set up shop in third world countries like Mexico and China at the expense of American jobs. Examples of this type of practice can be seen in Detroit—a city that was once the wealthiest in the United States. With factories shut down and thousands of workers laid off, Detroit is now the poster-child for America’s deteriorating economy.

As things stand, we have basically handed over our sovereign rights to organizations like the WTO and NAFTA. One key move our leaders can make to remedy this would be to simply remove the U.S. from these agreements. We need policies that will protect our wealth, industries, resources, and companies. Washington needs to begin operating with the American public and our national needs in mind, instead of trying to cater to the desires of foreign governments.

Essential actions must be taken by our government to ensure the United States can once again become profitable and capable of producing more of our own goods and services in factories on U.S. soil. This would dramatically reduce our outsourcing and our dangerously high amount of imports.

Policies must also be established to halt the sale of key assets to foreign entities and close opportunities for foreign corporations to compete unfairly against U.S. industries. We should not allow individuals and businesses to profit by selling outside of the U.S. Also, out-of-control spending and over-consumption need to be reduced.

On the issue of “free trade,” our leaders need to acknowledge the fact that many of our trade treaties are one-sided, benefiting foreign markets and leaving America in the dust. To combat foreign trade regulations and tariffs, we need to adopt our own set of trade regulations and tariffs where needed.

We cannot continue to sit idly by with the naive assumption that other countries will adopt our policies on fair and free competition, because they won’t.

The road back to economic prosperity will not be an easy one, but it is necessary to walk it if we are to avoid further economic decline. We cannot afford to keep doing what we’ve been doing. This business-as-usual strategy will only serve to dig us deeper into an already devastating economic mess.

Contact your Congressional representative and tell them immediate action is needed to restore the United States back to the prosperous, self-sustaining nation it once was.

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