We Must Watch Out For Fast Track In the Lame Duck Session


New polling has shown that less than half (41%) of the nation thinks that President Obama is doing a good job. Much of his presidency has been a sell out of the American people, working on two “free trade” agreements, continuing to engage in foreign wars that have depleted us of the resources we need to restore our nation, and by not fighting back against China’s economic war.

Even though President Obama is unpopular he still knows that he must do something to pay back the many corporate sponsors who financed his campaign. To do this he must get the Trans Pacific Partnership passed as soon as possible.

This may be why President Obama is waiting until the end of the year to bring up Fast Track Trade Authority. Fast Track is an unconstitutional grant of power to the presidency which nearly cuts Congress out of trade negotiations entirely, allowing the president to effectively legislate from the executive branch. Support for it was low before and the idea was squelched. This may not be the case in December, when many members of Congress who haven’t been reelected have nothing to hold them back.

After the general mid-term election, there may be Congresspersons facing the prospect of unemployment, looking to cozy up to corporations who might find them an important position somewhere. A displaced representative might be willing to do all sorts of things to curry favor with someone who can lift their hopes for their future career. A sitting president is in a good position to take advantage of and even abuse this situation.

We must be aware that although Fast Track was defeated earlier this year, before it even came to a vote, it will most likely return. Fast Track is a grant of power to an office filled by men who desire that power. It or something like it will always be coveted by presidents, especially presidents whose campaigns were funded by multinational corporations whose own interests can be furthered by Fast Track Trade Authority.

This November, we must remember that Fast Track is going to come back during the lame duck session and must be defeated again. As weak as our nation is, we cannot afford any more damage of the sort that Fast Track can lead to. Call your representatives and make sure they know how you feel.

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