What Does 2014 Hold in Store for America?


2014 is not shaping up to be a great year in American history. The last several have been bad, but the one to come might just be the year that breaks America’s back.

A number of economists have been pointing for a while to 2014 as the year that America will experience the Great Crash, the one we almost fell into in 2008. They contend that all the bad indicators present in 2007 are there again, only worse this time. This is bad news indeed, because America is not in a position to withstand another crash.

Nearly a quarter of our workforce cannot find work, at least not enough to properly sustain themselves. Those who do work are increasingly doing so for low wages, as the proportion of higher-paying jobs in America is shrinking.

Our manufacturing jobs – the ones that form the backbone of a strong economy – are pouring out of the country, getting sponged up by foreign nations. We are left with service-sector jobs in a servant economy, along with the occasional burger-flipper. While any honest job is nothing to be ashamed of for the laborer performing it, fast food is not going to be the economic salvation of the United States.

When jobs leave our country, the goods produced by these jobs come flooding back in, which means our money goes flooding out. As foreigners accumulate our money, they are put in a position to buy us out… and that is exactly what they do. This is the reason our wealth-producing institutions are being turned over to foreign control.

And that leaves us with just about nothing… and that’s BEFORE the next crash! If things are this bad now, can you imagine the wasteland this country will be after the next fall?

It is long past time for action. The problems have been identified, and the solutions present themselves. We need to control access to our markets, which we can do with a value-added tax, such as nearly every other country in the world has. We need to withdraw from the WTO, so we can control our own destiny and decide for ourselves what regulations are appropriate for Americans.

The sooner we begin the process of correction, the sooner we will be back on the path to prosperity.

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