It’s Time to Start Asking, What’s Wrong With America Today?


The U.S. economy is in dire straits. Americans can tell something is wrong, but they can’t put their finger on what the problem is. Our country was once a leader in productive manufacturing, but now we have been relegated to a “service economy” where we make nothing of value.  How did we get ourselves in this position? What has caused us to become so helpless?

Some Americans have been able to maintain their former standard of living, but our whole nation is living on the back of mounting debt. This is unsustainable and will ultimately lead to the total collapse of our economy if nothing is done to stop it. The debt is not even the problem as much as what we are spending our money on: endless wars, cheap imports and massive amounts of foreign oil.

Our leaders have no plan to stop this. They talk about small savings like cutting PBS or farm subsidies while ignoring the big issues. America is no longer a democracy; it is a plutocracy – run by the rich for the rich. The interests of average Americans are no longer taken into account when making policy decisions.

Campaigns are getting longer and more expensive, and this means politicians are more beholden to their donors than ever before. Because of this relationship our leaders push disastrous free trade on the American people. Outsourcers make huge sums from these deals, while the middle class our politicians claim to champion falls farther behind.

How can we expect to have a vibrant, growing economy when our workers lose their jobs to overseas competition, leaving them without money to buy even the cheap imports that flood this country?

“Free Trade” policies and the World Trade Organization have put us in this disadvantageous position. These policies have gutted our manufacturing base and made it advantageous for companies to pick up and move overseas rather than produce in the United States.They are pushed for by the outsourcers who are getting rich off the deals.

These individuals and corporations fund the campaigns of our leaders in Washington, and get what they want in return – more “free trade.”

We need to reverse this course or in only a few short years we may not recognize America any longer. We need to reform the way our elections are run by repealing Citizens United and getting money out of politics.

We must stop all free trade agreements and establish fair trading relationships that work for the American people, not a few special interests. These things are crucial, and must be done as soon as possible if we want America to be the great country it once was.

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