Why Aren’t More Young People Outraged with Our Government!?


With every “free trade” agreement our President signs, more and more of our future prosperity is signed away. With every lie the mainstream media feeds the American public, the more we become brainwashed and uninformed about the true horrors taking place in our corrupt government.

If we allow this to continue, there won’t be much of an America left for us to defend. Young people in particular should be up in arms about what’s going on, because they’re the generation that’s going to suffer the most.

Let’s take a look at just what is wrong…

The President and his close inner-circle of buddies are obsessed with disregarding our Constitution and signing away our sovereignty and freedoms in the name of damaging “free trade,”  like the secret TPP and TTIP that President Obama is working tirelessly to ram through Congress with Fast Track Trade Authority, which he still doesn’t even have.

Through the use of their economy-killing trade agenda – handed down to them from Presidents over the past 3 decades, the Obama administration is opening up America’s doors to corporate control, a new American way of life where corporations will become the new government and freedoms that average Americans take for granted today will become obsolete.

Food safety standards, access to certain medicines, the Internet, environmental standards, etc…all of these freedoms and more will become regulated in such a manner that the best interests of the American people will no longer matter against the corporate obsession for profits, profits and more profits.

Why would President Obama go along with such a corrupt system?

Because he is part of the elite 1% that benefit from the economic woes that have the rest of us struggling to stay afloat amid job losses, crippling student loan debt, unprecedented national debt and out-of-control government spending.

The mainstream media isn’t helping matters any. The U.S. media is perhaps just as damaging to our economy as the current administration, if not more so! As it stands right now, nearly all of our media sources — print, television, the Internet — are owned by only six HUGE corporations. These corporations control the news we watch, read and hear. This means the public is only learning what those corporations — controlled by corrupt politicians and lobbyists — want us to hear.

Do you see the problem?

As a result of this skewed manner of delivering the news, we’re left with a largely uninformed and brainwashed American public. We think how the government wants us to think. We’re only aware of the topics the government wants us to be aware of. This is dangerous because it keeps us blind to the real problems facing America — the problems that the government, especially President Obama, doesn’t want us talking about.

Americans across the board should be outraged over our President’s “free trade” agenda and his blatant willingness to trade away our country’s wealth to multinational corporations who could care less about the average American.

Our young people should show their displeasure and disgust. We need backbone like the young people of past generations that got us to stop the Vietnam War with slogans like “Hell no, we won’t go!” Where are our bold, young leaders today? Make your ideas and voices heard! It’s time to wake up and stand up for meaningful change.

Contact your Congressional representative and demand an end to the lies and deceit coming from Washington. Send this to five of your friends and have them do the same!

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