Why Do We Accept Our Failed Political System?


Our political system is flawed and no longer benefits Americans. It is, to a great degree, directed by lobbyists hired and paid for by special and foreign interests for their benefit, not ours. This results in a plutocracy — a government run by the rich, for the rich.

Most lobbying firms include former elected and appointed government officials with intimate knowledge of what it takes to pass legislation. Their sponsors may pay them up to 20 times or more as lobbyists than they earned as government employees. We can presume our representatives are not representing us at all by observing what is happening to us and what our representatives are allowing foreign countries to do.

One may wonder how the U.S. has descended in so short a time from being a wealthy and productive nation to one now having the profile of a third-world country – forced to live on imports, piling on ever-increasing debt and liquidating our best companies to foreign ownership.

This has happened because a few individuals are getting rich off of “free trade” and are hiring lobbyists to ensure it continues. These lobbyists now sometimes literally write our laws. Our leaders are too preoccupied with constantly running for re-election and spend most of their time fundraising with people who want favors from them.

The American people know the policies pushed by these lobbyists are destroying our country, yet they continue to vote for the same politicians who perpetuate the system because they feel they have no other choice. Only politicians with huge sums of money are viable candidates nowadays, especially after the Supreme Court’s disastrous Citizen’s United ruling. That ruling allows corporations to spend unlimited amounts of cash to place their favored candidates in office, with no regard for what is best for the American people.

We need to reform the way our elections work if we want our country to survive. We need to ensure that the candidates we choose are the best, not the richest or most beholden to donors. If we can elect politicians who are focused on the best solutions for the American people, we can solve this country’s problems and restore America’s greatness. We need more solutions like Bernie Sanders’ Constitutional Amendment to get money out of politics and end corporate person-hood.

Send this letter to your congressional representative. Send it to ten of your friends and ask them to do the same!

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